DiS community digital record label



Disintegration.live, Disintegration.media or Disintegration.us are probably the best free available I can see at a glance then.


I’ll dig through what tracks I’ve got and send them over when I get a chance. There’s some that haven’t fit onto other releases I’ve done. I’m working on some new stuff but that’s weeks if not months from completion.

It might be good to set up a forum account just for submissions? Could probably do with some kind of google doc spreadsheet to use as an action plan. I’m concerned things are going to get messy fast.

Christ I always wanted to do a compilation of the tracks submitted in the My Vitriol thread. We should probably not invoke the spirit of MV here but just thought I’d throw it out there! Obviously a CDR of fanbase only songs is a must regardless


look what happens when you type disintegrations dot com into your browser;


Yeah, but I’d wager you won’t get it for under ten grand.


I’m awaiting their call


Disassembled Records?


i’ve got it… DiSchord records! DiS as in DiS and chord as in music!


DiScourse? We are a message board after all


This message board is literally called Discourse.

Like, the software.

What about Coaltunes?

What about… http://www.thefreedictionary.com/words-that-end-in-dis one of these?






Sifting through folks’ soundclouds at a snail’s pace, sorry. Getting distracted by my job and my own pile of unfinished compositions.





Yeah, I saw that, but wondered it it was a bit early 90s as a suffix. There’s loads available these days anyway.


how else will people know how cool it is though?

(I’m quite partial to really stupid domain names but I don’t really think it’s a good idea)


We can be .cool now and .:fire::fire::fire: just as soon as that’s a thing.


I’ve uploaded my recent attempt at an electronic EP thing

It’s still pretty amateurish I guess although I think I could maybe come up with something better with a bit more work. I’d also be happy to help out with the promotional side of the label (I’m based in Glasgow it that’s any use).




Here’s a playlist of a few tracks from my ambient/drone releases: