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Cheers dude - I’ve popped my fave in the soundscapes playlist.


Re-posting the playlists. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone so far.


What’s wrong with a label for music enthusiasts? I think that a label with a broad spectrum of artists would be way more interesting (today) than a label with a relatively confined aesthetic.


This is so sexy


Going to listen the hell out of this later! Also - really sorry if you listened through all of my meandering unfocused stuff!


I made this out of some other stuff I made. I don’t know if it’s in any way right for what you’re thinking.


Yes yes yes!
I love those sudden drops and the strings re-emerging


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. The reason I’d lean towards an aesthetic is that I’d guess the route to public awareness would be through relatively sites which are firmly niched in a rough genre. Somewhere like http://igloomag.com/ is the kind of place I could imagine looking for exposure and I suspect they would be more likely to pick up on a collective of, say, ambient/drone/IDM artists than a less focused remit.

Of course, there are plenty of sites with a broader focus (DiS being a great example), but I imagine they are also inundated with wannabes.

None of which is to say I’m intrinsically against a label which is less focused - that was the initial idea behind this thread after all. I just know nothing about… any of this.


I think starting as we have is best, let’s us get to grips with the remit of the label/site as people making tunes and also makes the label or site or whatever easier to summarise and explain to interested parties. Keeping it tight and focussed in the early going is what we need to be doing imho.


So it looks like we have no shortage of talent and a lot of interest, which is awesome. :sunglasses:

Thinking about next steps…

Did we agree on a general consensus for a name? Disintegration… something? (Tapes? Sounds? Records?) Just Disintegration?

If we’ve got agreement on that then off the top of my head we’d need:

  • Bandcamp page setting up

  • Agreement on a logo (personally I already really like the phonetic thing BITT suggested, but that’s just me!)

  • Registering/reserving a web URL

  • Creating a “website” - even if it’s just a front-page for a bandcamp it could be a useful thing to have

  • Social media accounts

  • Setting up the label/artist roster on a distro service for spotify/apple music etc.

  • Putting together some sort of official sampler beyond the initial spotify playlists?

I’m sure there’s loads I’ve missed here, and I’m absolutely not trying to hijack or appoint myself Lord Ambient of Dronesville but I figure the best way to make this happen is if we keep the momentum and enthusiasm up.

Like I mentioned up-thread, I already have a Distrokid account for getting stuff onto streaming services and into digital retail stores so I’d be happy to take that part on. There is a cost involved in expanding the number of artists on the account, and it changes depending on how many artists are on the label, but it’ll be roughly a tenner per ‘artist’ per year, and I can set it up so each individual gets 100% of their own royalties.

If we can confirm who’s definitely in then I can get a more accurate cost.


“Lord Ambient of Dronesville” is the name of my next album and also my future son and heir I refuse to believe you just happened to say this


I like this post a lot

  • In for releasing records and making the payment to upgrade McGarnagle’s account
  • In for releasing records but have another proposal for setting this up for digital distribution

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Created a spreadsheet for names as it allows folks to add suggestions.
FWIW I think it should be something to do with Disintegration - there are just at least two others already out there


@moderators - request to make this McGarnagle’s tagline.


That is a splendid moniker tbf.



@McGarnagle what are next steps to upgrade your account? Lemme know how best to organise payment.


Right then, looks like we’ve got 9 people who’ve voted on the poll, and the Distrokid artist number upgrades go:

5 - $79.99 (£57.59)
10 - $139.99 (£100.78)
20 - $239.99 (£172.78)

That would make 10 the logical point to go for and then potentially upgrade again in future, but it does look like a few people who’ve put music in the thread or said they’d be interested haven’t voted on the distribution poll.

Maybe we set Friday as the deadline for people to say they want in from the initial wave?

I’ve just been doing some reading on the distrokid site and there is one slightly annoying thing that I’ve only just discovered that’s in their FAQs but everyone definitely needs to be aware of before commmitting. Bear with me here…

You need a “Label” account (which is what I’d be upgrading to) in order to add a series of artists under a label name. With a label account you can set up automatic royalty payments to each individual artist on the label via Paypal, which is all good.

The slight hitch is that each individual artist needs their own Distrokid account as well Paypal in order to automate payment. If people already have one, then it’s all good.

If not, then as the person with the “label” account, I would be able to send an invite link to the individual artists which means they’ll be able to set up an artist account with a 50% discount on the normal fees. Which would make it $9.99 per year (£7.18) in addition to the fee for setting up the label account (so in total about £18 per year rather than £10).

So, the options are:

  1. I upgrade my account, send the invites to people and they set up their own distrokid “artist” accounts (about £18 per year, per person), and set it up so payments automatically go straight to individuals’ paypal accounts.

  2. I upgrade my account and take on the onerous task of doing paypal payments to people every few months. Means you guys have to trust me to be honest and not steal all the millions we’re clearly going to make, and it’s lots of extra work for me. Not sure if we’d lose more money through Paypal transfers this way or not?

  3. Someone has another bright idea that’s better than doing it this way.

Open to any and all suggestions!


Fucking hell. That’s a wall of text worthy of a prime beeves thread. Sorry everyone.