DiS community digital record label


I’ve got the right software for mastering (Ozone 8 etc.) and I’ve done it on my own stuff. I’m way, way off being what I’d even consider competent in terms of balancing a tone across multiple different recording sources but I’m willing to give it a go and I can at least make sure levels and stuff are reasonably balanced. :man_shrugging:


Your stuff sounds great.


Curation: @sheeldz and @AphexTwinkletoes
Mastering: @McGarnagle
Distrokid admin: @McGarnagle

Anyone else want to throw their hat in the ring? Other roles we need formally defining?


You know the Rainy Dayers have a gorpu thing, can we get one @moderators


I’ve added a second sheet to that google doc for existing releases, i.e. EPs/LPs that you would want to be considered for the label and which could contribute tracks towards a prospective sampler.


I’m keen to get stuck in wherever needed, don’t really mind what but if there’s something that needs doing then sign me up.

Going back to @McGarnagle’s list above I’m happy to take a punt at setting up things like a website / bandcamp page / social media accounts / mailing list etc. Also, sure there are people here better at it, but can give branding/logos a go as well, once we’ve decided on name.




I actually don’t know how to create groups not sure if it’s an @admins thing.


I’m happy with most of those suggestions but I’ve added Disintegrated/Disintegrated Records as an alternative mainly due to there already being a Disintegration Records on Bandcamp.


Admins only yeah




Wrong thread!


Number one in ref to those options above sounds good to me.

Will have a proper dig through this when I’m back from hols - but happy to do some design work and web design bits or design if email shits - stuff like that!


Bumpity bump for letting @McGarnagle know you want to sign up for Distrokid


Friday bump


off to dam tomorrow, so i’m planning to drop some acid or shrooms and listen through this thread. if i’m feeling fruity i may then enter visionary mode for a couple of hours a la erlich in silicon valley.we should all soon be millionaires if i get my chemistry right.


sorry I’ve had a tough week mentally and haven’t felt up to engaging with much.

Will catch up with all the posts and stuff on here soon! x


Take your time, bam


Don’t worry Bam - there’s a space for you as a part of this however and whenever you’re ready to take it up. Take whatever time you need.


Bump for filling out existing / upcoming releases in the google doc.

I think we should do a sampler as part of launch, with at least one track per artist (maybe one per existing release for any albums which will be retrospectively ‘released’ through the label). Or possibly two samplers (was contemplating Disintegrated Journeys for beat-oriented work and Disintegrated Destinations for more ambient tracks).


Are ‘singles’ welcome for the sampler? The column’s down as EP/LP and I’ve only put out a couple of individual tracks rather than any proper releases.

(That’s assuming y’all think either of the tracks are good enough of course)