DiS community digital record label




Prefer Disintegration, but without the brackets, which always make me think of [lostprophets] back when they had that and obviously being reminded of them is bad


oh god yeah

  • Disintegration
  • [Disintegration]
  • Other (please specify)

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DiSintegration non?


Voted for [Disintegration]. Saw this. Changed vote.


I don’t know where I stand on this. I really like it, but I have a tendency to like that sort of thing precisely because it’s a bit shit.


Why do labels only do one type of music? Kind of a bit silly in the 21st century


THIS. this is extremely my shit.


we should do electronic/ambient music AND…

vaudeville revival.

our first release could be summat like “timmy weeks and the happy flappers sing the hits!”


I’m sorry :frowning:


“AphexTwinkletoes, where’s that SQL you were working on?”
“It’s not finished”
“I was… setting up a digital record label”


I kinda find it helpful when certain labels are focused on genre, or at least have a clear aesthetic. There’s so much music out there on the internet. But I know that I want to listen to, say, every release that CPU, Silient Season, Raster-Noton put out.


wish i was talented enough to participate in this


I honestly think it looks good like this



it’s the traditional phonetic spelling in Times New Roman
it separates the dis part without having to write DiS, it has an ‘inti’ part which is a bit like ‘indie’, the next part is ‘grey’- self explanatory, then you drop an ‘e’ which puts us in the rave/chill out/inner-space traveller territory, then the effect of the brackets with the n and the forward slashes also gives it the appearance of a mathematical equation which keeps in line with the electronic throwback to the lab vibe of the radiophonic workshop et al plus the whole thing is immediately a logo as well as a name - instantly recognisable yet oddly familiar


You probably are!


I’ll be involved in this only if I can refer to myself as a “mogul” and return any music you lot submit with a demand that you rework it to include more hits.

My fee will be 90%.


looks a bit pretentious


exactly, it’s perfect


if I saw that written down or on some artwork I would have no idea how to pronounce it