DiS community digital record label


fair enough!


I like it a lot, but to the uninitiated in phonetics it looks quite Icelandic/reminds me hugely of Sigur Ros and that vibe.


but it’s phonetic, it’s telling you exactly how to pronounce it


only if you’re a geek


or have ever looked up a word in a dictionary :slight_smile:


Or work in speech :slight_smile:


I actually really like this. Think it would look great on record sleeves too.


looks fine its just a name


never done that either


This is a great idea. All I could contribute is maybe writing press releases/blurbs etc (I’ve read enough to know how not to to do it at least). And if my ambient dabblings ever progress above ‘barely listenable’ maybe I could submit something for release/ridicule.

I do like the look of the phonetic distintegration but it’ll be a bastard to google and journos will probably hate you from the off.


just feel things like this say “this music isn’t for you because you aren’t clever enough”






well i guess coz in this day and age you don’t really need a label. the purpose of one is to curate a certain kind of style or aesthetic.


I just think it’s the same as band names. They’re all pretty rubbish and meaningless really so why not mess about with the words/naming conventions and make something that looks interesting/fun?


yeah it’s fine I’ve been outvoted




Could always just be called “disintegration” for googling purposes but with the phonetic as part of the design?

Realistically anyone googling disintegration and music will come up with the cure or William basinski anyway so :man_shrugging:


Although Disintergration would already be a bugger to google - it would take a long while to jump above The Cure album given the similar context (music)


Yeah that’s a good point @McGarnagle @colinzealuk.

Would personally still be inclined to drop the phonetic spelling online as @McGarnagle said and keep it for design/aesthetic, but definitely overthinking it a bit at this early stage