DiS community digital record label


well, there’s always googling the artists’ names & the names of the releases to fall back on


Aye. Not suggesting it makes the name a non starter, more something to be aware of.

FWIW, I would agree with @TVDenimChap’s suggestion there of switching between the phonetic and non-phonetic as appropriate.


yeah, I’d agree with that - you can’t use a whole bunch of those characters in a URL for instance so of course the flexibility would need to be there


I think this is a great idea, there’s so much in the way of talent going on here! I have previously had some experience with local music industry type stuff so I’d be happy to help if I can, but I don’t have any contacts or any of that sort of jazz (or any money). I can write press releases etc though.


folks lets all get reasonably well off and happy! wooo!


there’s not much chance of this making money tbh unless someone here knows the dark arts of how to get on a front page spotify playlist


Yep - main aim would just be to get some of the amazing work I’ve heard from here out to more ears



getting people’s attention is the hardest part though - especially through digital channels - there is a war on and every app and digital service & social media channel is armed to the teeth with dopamine grenades to hijack your brains and force you to spend ever more valuable seconds on their service

it’s tough to compete


either way its better to push things as a collective rather than individually, and like someone said above, once you get to know the sort of thing a label puts out people are more likely to take a chance on some lesser known stuff theyre putting out


it’s pretty rigged as well. the only way to really get seen is to pay for it. i’ve flirted with the idea of paying for PR really but it’s just too much of a murky world that i don’t really wanna go near.


Maybe see if Sean would do a community exposure piece?


sure, it’s absolutely better with a collective but one thing I think is vital in order for it to move and grow and not just be a little online synth noodling sausage fest circle is that there has to be at least something tangible IRL - whether that’s some kind of board-wide random CD-R (or cassette :grimacing:) send out, or a combo gig/DiS meat up or actual proper gigs or whatnot

obviously a collective helps with all of these things too but we can’t just be networking each other for soundcloud plays or likes, it has to reach beyond that


yeah of course. easy enough to make cd-rs and tapes, easy to make them look nice as well (i know people hate tapes and cds these days but they can look nice)


sometimes it’s nice to dream


Agree with this - compilations, gigs/showcases of some sort, etc etc

EDIT: Maybe that’s running before we can walk and overthinking it again - know we’re talking about possibly digital only to start with - but think aiming for the above is worthwhile and not too difficult to arrange


my mate set up a record label based on a message board actually, they just put out compilations i think. made a few quid but nothing of note. unfortunately it was a deadmaus message board so it was that horrible brostep type shit for the most part. i listened to one of their comps once and it gave me the worst headache. he thought that was dead funny when i told him


I think there are several lessons to be learned here

also; beware - social media reach …facebook etc… is mere cents on the dollar compared to what it used to be


The main one being to exclude brostep?


absolutely. we joked about starting a radio show together where we take it in turns to play a record and then the other one reacts to it, but quickly realised we’d just be complaining about the other persons choice :smiley:


You guys make some good things. I’d be happy to be of service any way I can

  • know a couple of people who could help with venues in London
  • know a few people making vaguely similar music
  • have a little experience putting out tapes (www.buriedinspace.com)