DiS community digital record label


Could anyone who would be interested in contributing music send me a link so I can pull together a playlist on Soundcloud. Ideally one or two tracks which are broadly indicative of your output. There’s no judgement involved here - just want to get a sense of what folks are doing :slight_smile:

To be clear, while I was the one who started this thread, I don’t believe that this makes me your ambient overlord.


I for one welcome our new twinkly-toed overlord


Also, https://disintegrationrecords.bandcamp.com/
How important is it to have a unique name, really?


well, I think we can walk …there’s loads of ‘folks’ here making great music and if you guys are anything like me then there’s hard drives full of the stuff just waiting to see the light of day. So we have plenty of good quality produce (I’m guessing) …it’s just a matter of curating it, packaging it & marketing it

I’m just concerned that if the stated aim is to help this music get to a wider audience that we actually don’t in the end just become a small audience for each other

Susan Rogers says lots of great stuff about being aware of your audience (& loads besides) in this RBMA lecture

She basically says you have 3 choices;

  • the general public (commercial success)
  • the historians and journalists and people who know the discipline (critical success)
  • your peers (ego boost)

I feel whoever is involved in a community label should keep a close focus on the community being the actual label that is brought to an audience & not the actual audience itself


can’t you just release loads and loads of stuff just all the time and eventually lots of people will hear it?


are free

as are

and probably lots of others


too bad people don’t listen to cds anymore or you could just burn loads of CDRs and put them through everyone’s letterbox


How about this?


Hears opening bar

Think I’ll probably wind up putting together an ‘ambient’ and a ‘beats’ playlist


this is a pretty interesting video btw though she’s kind of getting up her own arse a bit with her praise for that everly brothers song


Always thought it would be cool if dis did some online collaborative music project, where people upload their stuff other people add parts and mess with it, no definitive end versions of anything


is there some kind of program or website hosting thing or something where everyone can just chuck parts they’ve recorded into a big folder and everyone can pull from them and use them whenever they want? That would be awesome


just need to annotate with time sig and tempo or something





Love that interview. Her passion for the music shows through so clearly.


Think there are online collaborative DAWs but yeah something just like a shared storage space and some naming conventions would do the trick


Would definitely help this in any way that I can, but I don’t know how much I could really contribute. I do know some good people in my local the art/noise crowd, so could probably sort it out if anyone needed a venue in the East Midlands.


I’m too stubborn to leave Ableton Live behind tbh


clearly a bit too art-school for my tastes but she seems pretty down to earth and nice with it


Can you export the raw midi from that, that might be cool people taking others midi and using different software instruments, I use Logic and don’t think it can from that