DiS community digital record label


not entirely sure, you probably can, seems like you can do anything these days


was blown away when they added a feature that let you convert any audio source into midi via lead-line chords or rhythm. Could conceivably just hum a whole album and let the VSTs sort everything else out.


Just checked, you can in Logic, I was mistaking me not knowing how to do it with it not being an option, so assume it is standard in everything, so yeah people should swap audio and midi recordings


going into a DAW you don’t know is one of the most unsettling and scary things in life




sounds good for bandcamp*

sorry I hit caps lock and wasn’t looking at the screen as I typed


I wanna contribute but it’ll have to wait until I get home, around 5ish? you want the ambient stuff or that raw beat shit?


Both please! And no hurries :slight_smile:


you might have william basinski’s lawyer on the phone over that


Then we’ll know we’ve made it!


make us stars aphex, get that nerd to sue us!!!


Hello jurors from the future!!!



just thought that this might be a better pic for the soundcloud playlist than the bw letters thing @AphexTwinkletoes

but I’m not married to it or anything


I like both tbf - might stick this on one and the letters on the other. Bit miffed that you also appear to have a knack for graphic design tbh…


I did a bw one too if you want an alt version

I have very limited skills graphics wise but I know what I like as they say


Oooo that’s even better


this looks really nice, think it might seem better just without the coffee stain though


I vote for Disintegration Records Records.


I think it works really well with it in the b/w version.