DiS community digital record label



I’d love to contribute something to this and I like the idea of a compilation

My main musical project isn’t online at all and wouldn’t fit with the ambient/beats/whatever we’re calling it styles being discussed here

But hopefully anyone who’s heard the production work I’ve done that is online* would agree that I could make something that would fit with the other musicians in this thread.

*will jag again if you want me to, can PM people if they want to do that instead


I just read it with loads of gusto.


Jag away, buddy!


Like I said, I’m not married to it or anything, was just 5 minutes in photoshop


it’s good! Wasn’t trying to criticise, sorry


if we’re jagging, this is the most recent thing of mine thats online but fucking hell, has it really been three years?! i need to get back to work

but this is more the sort of thing ive been into lately


here’s a few tracks I’ve done with Julie G, bloody loads more (most views are on facebook, she doesn’t promote the youtube channel)



@BodyInTheThames @AphexTwinkletoes guys. If your want a monthly type podcast showcasing the boards and stuff, I am totally in. I don’t make music hut I do make podcasts. Have the infasteutset up.

Let me know.


It’s totally fine, you really don’t need to say sorry :slight_smile: it was just a brain fart


Are we jagging then ?

Cos …


Track 3 of 50 :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


I like this idea


I don’t know what it says. Or how it says it. Or what phonetics are.

Good for a logo. Nightmare for a bandcamp page.

Edit - way behind here. Nm


Great spelling their idoit


Good idea to have a look at how the Twoism One on Twoism collection works? That’s a great example of a message board type record label, or release.


I’ll check it out


All for riding BITT’s coat-tails to glory?! :raising_hand_man: :wink:

Great stuff, and so thoroughly well deserved!


Oj, I hadn’t even clicked on the link yet. Being at No.3 is nae bad :slight_smile:


Thanks dude

I’m biting my nails about next week’s announcement too

Everything’s coming up Milhouse



guess this is what i’ve been trying lately, bit more fidgety than the usual. they’re gonna go on that new collection which has grown from the 3 track ep you hear previous. more synths and stuff too, less sampling.