DiS Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw on 5th of December! 🎟

Hopefully I got everyone excited with the prize reveal yesterday, now it is time to find out how you can buy tickets!

Tickets cost £2 each and you can buy up to five tickets. Donations above this amount from those who can and want to are also gratefully received. There are two ways you can donate money to buy your ticket(s)

  1. Send a message to @anon26275971 to get the fund bank account details if you wish to donate direct to there by bank transfer (with mobile or online banking this takes maybe two minutes to do, very easy). Please include your username as a reference so we know who it is who has entered. @anon26275971 will pass details of who has bought tickets and how many on to me and you will get your tickets within a couple of days. If you have already donated to the fund and have the bank details still then you can go ahead and use them, they are the same. Anyone who has a regular payment to the fund account contact @anon26275971 to confirm if they want this month’s donation used to purchase raffle tickets.

  2. Donate into the PayPal Money Pool which has been set up to receive donations, which can be found below :arrow_down:. Please ensure you check the option to chip in anonymously as otherwise your real name will be visible and is public to anyone who has the pool link, and also don’t forget to put your username in the note section so I can identify you have entered. Please note there is a fee if you use a credit card, but paying by debit card or from a linked bank account will not incur any additional charge. After entries have closed the money from the pool will be transferred into the main fund bank account. https://paypal.me/pools/c/89x6v8zJaY

You will get your assigned raffle ticket numbers within a couple of days of donating and will be sent a link to a survey to fill in your order of prize preferences fpr the draw. The more you can fill in the better, as this will make the draw process easier. Filling in less options will not make you more likely to get a certain prize as they are allocated on a first drawn first served basis.

Some details about the draw now:

  • It will take place on Wednesday 5th December, likely starting around 11am (I reserve the right to change this time and/or date in the event of my childcare arrangements falling through). A live thread will announce the prize winners as they are drawn. If you would prefer to be anonymous as a winner then please contact me and I can make sure of this (only the prize giver would have to know for delivery/fulfilment purposes).
  • The draw will be made using pysical raffle tickets in some kind of makeshift tombola, this may be accompanied by photos and/or videos.
  • When a ticket is drawn I will consult the winner’s preferences list and allocate them the highest prize still available from their selections.
  • You can potentially win five prizes if you have bought five tickets, but if your name is drawn consecutively then it will be placed back in the tombola the second time.
  • Tickets will be drawn until all the prizes are gone.

I am probably missing something, but I think that might be it? My only quandry is with what to do if a name is drawn and there are no prizes from their list remaiming available. There is an option on the preferences survey to say you would like me to contact you if your name is drawn and there are no prizes left on your list, but I am a bit worried about this holding up the draw if you aren’t around as I am doing it.

Draw entry will close midnight Monday 3rd December.


If anyone really wants to buy a ticket but can’t afford it, two supercool anonymous users have offered to donate a bit to buy a few people tickets who can’t so please PM me if this would help you. No one else will know you got your ticket this way other than me, and I will keep that confidential as a default.


Massive thanks to @anon26275971, @ynot, @Aggpass, @stupidsexyflanders and @wewerewerewolvesonce for helping form ideas for how to do this in committee discussions. Also to @anon82218317 for awesome admin support, and everyone who has donated incredible and generous prizes or even just shown interest or given support x




Once again, great work on this fl and everyone else!


The most important part: the fund is there for people to use, if you are struggling with anything or just want a bit of help towards various Christmas expenses to make sure you can enjoy the festive season :slight_smile:


Very efficient! You’ll get tickets 1-5 then :slight_smile:




Yeah I totally didn’t read the bit about the formatting. 5 tickets for me pls. Unless I’m now disqualified for my lack of reading comprehension skills.


Done and done.

This is seriously amazing and you’ve all done an outstanding job on this. :heart_eyes:


Done. Thanks @anon89873996

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bagsie winning all the prizes :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets: :tickets:

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@anon89873996 can I just take a moment to say how absolutely brilliant this is? It’s a fab idea, executed so well and thought out and I have a little tear in my eye from how heartfelt this is and how it will help people. You’re an actual angel :angel:


Done, though I didn’t specify ticket numbers, x 5 please

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I’m number 1! (Through 5)


If you don’t specify ticket numbers that is alright, if you have donated £10 I will assume you want to buy five tickets unless you have stated otherwise.


It’s nothing really. Tbh I think someone else had started a thread a while ago suggesting trying to fundraise… it might have been @bugduv? That sowed the seed of the idea.

I shouldn’t take all that much credit, it is a community effort really :slight_smile:


It will be later today, maybe this evening, before I start PMing entrants with the prize preference survey, just got a couple of bits to tweak with it.

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You could do it so they have any remaining prizes. Then keep drawing until there are the number of prizes left that haven’t got any of their choices. Then assign those at random… Hope that makes sense.


It’s really, really not nothing. Thank you FL :heart: