DiS Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle!

Anticipating a possible extra level of need over the festive season, I am organising a raffle to raise a bit of money for our community hardship fund (also hopefully just posting this will be help raise a bit of awareness for both use of, and donations to the fund).

Tickets will be £2/each and details of how to enter will be confirmed later, along with a date for the draw.

For now though, I am looking for people to donate prizes, the more DiS-themed or else unique the better! Do you make something? Can you offer a service? Can you source something that you think your fellow community members will be willing to pay a small amount for the chance to win?

Prizes can be donated anonymously if you prefer. You will also have to be willing to pay postage to send it direct to the winning DiSer if applicable.

I think if we get ten prizes we can probably get this thing off the ground? I am hoping to have prizes finalised by the middle of November so I can launch the raffle entry having what is on offer there to entice people for what will hopefully be an early/mid December draw.

Also using this thread to gauge interest, so here are some polls!
Would you be interested in entering a raffle to raise money for the DiS community hardship fund?

  • Yes please
  • Not for me, Clive

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Do you think you might be able to donate a prize? (anon)

  • Yes, I think so
  • No point really having the ‘no’ option as I just need numbers for ‘yes’

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Please either post below or PM me for any suggestions or prize offers. Thanks :slight_smile:


Great idea FL :slight_smile: :christmas_tree:


If you wear this:

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Would people be interested in this as a prize?

  • Yes!
  • No!

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Antique map sounds good too :+1:

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Also, as organiser I will bar myself from entry so I can’t steal any of the prime prizes. Other committee members may enter as they have no involvement in the draw process.

Not my attention at all xylo, early votes show you have put up an attractive offer!

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Also, in pre-launch discussions @anon26275971 came up with the idea if donating a book or two with person notes of recommendation, also I think @wewerewerewolvesonce suggested this with dvds too. I thought that was a pretty good idea.

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My prizes would all be Manchester-centric but I have gift vouchers for tours, a few city guides I’ve written, and something like baking a cheesecake or cooking dinner for someone?


They all sound like excellent prizes!

My plan was perhaps to ask people when they enter what prizes they would be interested in, so no one ends up with something they can’t use, especially if it is something location based. Will have that properly explained by the time I open entries.

Oooo also I have some gift vouchers for money off babysitting on an app I use, I’ve got 9x£10 vouchers but I think it has to be one per family so not a huge deal as it equates to just over an hour of babysitting but still, might be a nice top up prize for the parents.

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Great shout FL. Definitely in.

As for prizes, will have a good think and see what I can come up with.

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This is a really lovely thing!

Not sure if I’ve got much I can offer in the way of prizes. I reckon I could make a bespoke hot sauce for someone if that’s something anyone would want?

Dunno if the Disintegration State lot could do something for a prize for this. I’d offer to write someone their own personal theme tune but with me only being able to make drone nonsense that would only work if the winner happens to want their theme to sound like someone playing a violin slowly and badly inside a malfunctioning fridge.


I can donate some bike wanker stuff.

  • This is a poll!
  • I agree with everyone else

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I can make a one off exclusive EP like the Wu Tang Clan did but worth a lot less money!


I have a great idea of what you could donate!


No idea what I can donate but there’s probably something.



You do???


Ooh - golly! Is the rest of DiS ready for that?

Then boy do I have the artist for you!

Coming soon: a new album of ill* sounding strings and strange noises - now with occasional drums!

That’s right, I’m jagging in a charity thread. You don’t sell over 10** copies of your debut ep by not being utterly ruthless.

*not the good kind of ill



:haircut_woman: :haircut_man:

also of course they are!

reckon it would make a most excellent prize