DiS Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle!


ooh what’s that brewery one i want that


One day course in Piss-up Administration


sorry, I redacted them

all will be revealed :slight_smile:


much hype!!


I’ve not submitted mine yet. Hope I’m not too late!


You have until about mid day Monday :slight_smile:

Here is the link for anyone who needs it to submit a prize.


thanks for the reminder - I only submitted one prize so far, must submit the others


Submitted some. Hope they’re not rubbish as all a bit Manchester centric. I’m sure I must have some other things to offer so I’ll have a think.


Oh wow, I just looked at what you have submitted and that is more than enough! Really incredibly generous of you, please don’t worry about doing any more x


yeah echoing FL, your prizes are so generous @Scout! Feel free to lower the number of things you’ve submitted btw e.g. for the one you donated 4 of, you shouldn’t feel the need to do that many! entirely up to you but please don’t feel you need to donate loads.


That one’s in case it’s something the winner would want to use as a gift for mates or parents etc so I’m cool with there being that many if it suits the winner but it’s more an “up to 4” so they can just take 1 if they prefer.


Sorry, @AphexTwinkletoes and I have both been ridiculously (and separately) busy with work and job interviews and stuff, but we’re definitely up for Dis State donations! Will make sure we’ve submitted by the deadline :+1:


If you haven’t got something specific sorted by the deadline could you maybe submit it as “Disintegration State Prize” and then I can update it afterwards with details - I need to get it on the spreadsheet for it to get a prize number so it can be selected by people in their prize preferences. I can guess that people interested in it would be roughly the same with or without details just through it being a general prize from the label :slight_smile:


If anyone has an questions or needs any help with anything raffle-related please don’t hesitate to ask me in this thread or by PM :+1:


Submitted the prize details earlier today. Give me a shout if they haven’t appeared and I’ll re-add them. :+1:


They’re up there now, thanks so much :+1:


No probs! Really great to be able to support this community that’s given us all so much! :grin:


I have submitted my prize. I reckon someone else may well have put forward the same thing but that wouldn’t really be a problem :slight_smile:


Nope, totally unique prize :slight_smile:


Really itching to start revealing the prizes, going to be starting tomorrow morning and adding them throughout the day until they are all up.

Remember the prize submission deadline is noon tomorrow!

Tickets will be on sale Tuesday.