DiS Community Hardship Fund

I’ve also increased by regular monthly donation. If anyone needs it don’t be afraid to ask.


Very lucky enough to be able to work all the way through any closures/lockdown etc so I’ll be putting a bit in when I get paid.

Paid on Thursday, will banging in some money then.

I don’t think I can PM you due to your public profile being hidden?

Go to your messages, new message, then just type in the username.

For someone who writes software for a living you’d think I’d be able to use the fucking things. Ta.


hiya, didnt really feel right waiting til the end of the month to mention this:

due to the overwhelming generosity of you lot there is now a great deal of money in the fund - more than three & half thousand pounds.

just posting this to say we’re relaxing the upper limit for grants again, & to encourage anyone who’s facing difficulties at the moment to use the money, please don’t hesitate. like adrian says above, when times are tough for everyone, the reaction might be to not take advantage of the fund for fear of someone more deserving possibly missing out. reckon there is enough in there now for that not to be an issue.

this is obviously way over the amount where things are considered in surplus, but while things are so uncertain we’re not gonna be doing charity donations. hopefully can when things calm down.



Woah, that’s fucking awesome. Well done everybody.


I was going to launch a new fundraising thing for the fund tonight too! Reckon I should still or wait a while?

I honestly don’t know pal, use your best judgement on that

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Don’t think we can have too much in the fund at the minute tbh.

Be nice to have something to do as well.


Need to do a bit more planning first but I think you’re right.

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I think the more in the fund the better tbh. Speaking for myself, I’ve been furloughed since Monday and while I know I’ll get my full pay for March next week, it’s anyone’s guess what happens in April and I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one here in that boat. Reckon find requests could go up a lot in a month or so. (And I’ll contribute to your new fundraiser while I’ve got the cash this month, promise!)

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This fund is the single best thing to come from these boards existing. So many people are never more than a couple of bits of bad luck away from being potless. Even when you have a bit stashed away so much can change through losing your job, a dip in your health or an accident.

Howay the lads.


the fund received 20 donations & made 4 grants, none of which were to a committee member, it is currently in surplus.

the balance is £3627.45

forgot to mention. if you’re uncomfortable taking a grant for any reason, it’s possible to use the fund for a 0% loan.



Hi everyone.

A longstanding DiSer has requested a substantial contribution from the fund to help a friend of theirs.
To protect anonymity and due to the nature of the circumstances we are not posting details of the request publicly but as a funding committee we have agreed that due to the extraordinary circumstances and the current good surplus of the hardship fund that this is an acceptable use of the fund.

We have not yet made the payment and will not be doing so until 27th May to allow time for anyone to raise concerns with us. We ask that if you wish to do so you do this by PM by the end of Tuesday to a member of the committee, rather than using the thread. We will also not be providing detail of the circumstances or compromising anonymity.



just want to say an anonymous but huge, huge thank you to everyone who chips into this fund, puts work into running it, or supports it in any way. the depth of appreciation is very hard to put into words.

love you all x


Give us yerr fuuucken monnney.

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Yo! apologies for forgetting to do an update last month.

april - the fund received 6 donations & made 1 grant, which wasn’t to a committee member.

the balance at the end of the month was £3752.45

may - the fund received 8 donations & made 2 grants, neither of which were to a committee member, it is currently in surplus.

the balance is £3227.45