DiS Community Hardship Fund

Woah, that’s fucking awesome. Well done everybody.


I was going to launch a new fundraising thing for the fund tonight too! Reckon I should still or wait a while?

I honestly don’t know pal, use your best judgement on that

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Don’t think we can have too much in the fund at the minute tbh.

Be nice to have something to do as well.


Need to do a bit more planning first but I think you’re right.

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I think the more in the fund the better tbh. Speaking for myself, I’ve been furloughed since Monday and while I know I’ll get my full pay for March next week, it’s anyone’s guess what happens in April and I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one here in that boat. Reckon find requests could go up a lot in a month or so. (And I’ll contribute to your new fundraiser while I’ve got the cash this month, promise!)

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This fund is the single best thing to come from these boards existing. So many people are never more than a couple of bits of bad luck away from being potless. Even when you have a bit stashed away so much can change through losing your job, a dip in your health or an accident.

Howay the lads.


the fund received 20 donations & made 4 grants, none of which were to a committee member, it is currently in surplus.

the balance is £3627.45

forgot to mention. if you’re uncomfortable taking a grant for any reason, it’s possible to use the fund for a 0% loan.