DiS Community Hardship Fund

I don’t think I’d like people just throwing money at me, even if I could really use it.

Yesterday @anon26275971 mentioned this to the committee.

I’m not comfortable taking over the account for few reasons. Mainly I’m not on DiS as often as I used to be, and I’ve been a victim of identity fraud so don’t really want to be opening up extra bank accounts and I’m not comfortable holding l to all the money.

I’m always respond to requests but I’m actually wondering if I should step down for a more active user. I’m happy to stay on if no one wants to be on the committee. But if anyone one fancies it let us know.

I’ve also got a dormant bank account so if Colin gets cold feet I’m happy to host it

Any selfies from Turks & Caicos the following week will be purely coincidental



@colinzealuk has taken over running the fund account. for transparency i havent actually been able to send the whole amount over yet cause my bank has a £2000 limit on new payees, but ill send the rest asap.

if you have a standing order set up to the bank account in my name please cancel it. if youd like to make a donation from now on please dm col for the details of the new account.

im not involved with running things now - the current committee is



Also can @whiterussian or @wewerewerewolvesonce add me to the rainydayadmin group - I don’t think it’s something I have powers to do as a mod.

Massive :heart: to you for everything you have done for the fund.


Added you to the group :+1:


In the OP it still lists @nemrac by old username, I don’t know if that is worth editing?


It is - sorted!

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Thanks for everything you have done @anon26275971.


Further transparency post:

@anon26275971 has forwarded on the balance, so the whole fund is now under my control.


In September the fund received 6 donations and made 3 grants, none of which were to a committee member.

One grant was above the usual upper limit and agreed by the whole committee. The fund is currently in surplus

The current balance is £3147.21

If you’re planning on making a donation for this month or have a standing order that hasn’t been updated, a reminder to get in touch for the new account details now I’ve taken over from Trickles.


Hi team,

This is a reminder people to get in touch to sort their contributions into the new account. @anon26275971’s had three donations through this month so far and between the two of us we’re not sure who everyone is.

He’s forwarded the money on, but it’d be great if we could save him the trouble in future :slight_smile:


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Hey Zeal, is there a way of setting up a regular payment with you? Wasn’t sure if there’s like, a new way of doing it now you’re the fund holder. Thanks!

Yes. The fund accepts bank transfer, standing orders (preferred by me) and Paypal (if the alternatives are difficult to sort). Send me a DM and let me know what you’d prefer.

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Who is best to contact about this these days? And is the max still £100?

Think this is still up to date.

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Thanks, sorry for overlooking the obvious but not sure how up to date the thread is kept

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I’m not sure about the max. limit, @colinzealuk would be the man to ask.

You can also @ DiSRainyDayFund to go to the group as that should just have the current committee

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