DiS Community Hardship Fund


I guess if people are happy for me to be involved in this capacity I will try, I should be able to do that much and certainly would never compromise any confidentiality.


you also shouldn’t feel pressured. it’s been made explicit that people might have to wait a day or two for a decision and transfer so please dont feel you need to be on here any more as a result. there is a committee partly so it’s not any one persons responsibility to read their messages all the time.

if you find it’s not convenient for you then obviously you’re welcome to step back too and be involved in whatever way works best for you.


as this is the first statement it’s covering a little over a month. will be monthly from now on.

the fund has received 24 donations, made 5 grants, none of which were to committee members. it is neither running low, nor in surplus.

thanks very much to you all for your generosity.

a couple notes on anonymity to anyone wishing to use the fund -

if you wish to be known to as few people as possible it would be best to approach a member of the committee other than myself. as we are having a 3rd party confirm when the transfer has gone through, contacting me necessitates two members of the committee knowing your username. (please feel free to contact me if that’s what you’d prefer though).

also - as I found out when I accidentally misspelt someone’s name on a payment last week (sorry about that), I do not need your full name to transfer money, just the sort code & account no.



This is great thank you

(I think the full name thing is just useful if for some reason the details are incorrect and you need to get it back from the bank - it’s easier if you can show you wanted it to go to a certain person I think. don’t know of this ever happening to anyone though)


ahhh, makes sense. could do initials or first initial and surname maybe if anyone’s worried about it.


Well done, mates.


hi all @DisRainyDay

@ynot has decided to step down as fund admin. need volunteers for replacing him please.

  • I’d like to volunteer
  • pcbe

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will leave this open a while & once we’ve got some volunteers i presumed we’d do an anon poll for voting, if anyone has any better suggestions of how to do this please say.

cheers babes.


@bugduv you’d be good



as @unlucky was planning on stepping down shortly anyway, and with us having two volunteers, he’s decided to jump a bit early.

means we don’t need to bother with another divisive election campaign, i guess.

are you all happy with @deadonthestairs & @stupidsexyflanders taking over from @Unlucky & @ynot

  • yasss
  • no

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the fund received 10 donations & made 3 grants, none of which were to committee members. it is neither running low or in surplus.

said upthread that now would be a good time to discuss any suggestions or changes people might like to see… please do say if you can think of anything that would improve things or have any concerns.

thanks all.


I was thinking about this last night and specifically if there’s a way we can ensure a steady level of donations and interest.

Maybe just stuff like permanently stickying it, a monthly group PM, trying to encourage new contributors (whilst maintaining the spirit of the fund), or doing the odd thing to raise extra funds, like auctions, etc?


if I had regular income would happily regularly donate.

Sadly that’s not the case.

sorry everyone.

Really happy this is being used to help people though :slight_smile:


Not at all, mate. The whole idea of the thing is that people who can spare a little bit can do so as and when it’s possible or they see fit.

Mainly wanted to bump it for new members and float the idea of secondary ways to raise money after someone i follow on Twitter raised over a grand for a good cause by raffling a prize they’d won. The thing was worth about £50, but over a thousand people gave £1 to have a chance of winning it. Just seemed lile a really good simple way to raise money.


Is it in need of a top up?


Probably not easy to organise but the fantasy football/predictor stuff (and other sports/fantasy cycling stuf) could be organised so people pay half as prize and half to fund this, kind of thing.

Should have thought about this before the world cup


it’s been a very quiet month so far & there is a good amount in the fund. donations always welcome tho obvs.


the fund received 8 donations & made 1 grant, which wasn’t to a committee member. it is neither running low or in surplus.



the fund received 6 donations & made 1 grant, which wasn’t to a committee member. it is neither running low or in surplus.



the fund received 10 donations & made 2 grants, neither of which were to a committee member. it is neither running low or in surplus.



@DarwinBabe had an idea in another thread that maybe a good place for funds to go should there be a surplus would be towards the running costs of the DiS forums. Here is the full post:

As per the terms of the fund charter (charter? guide? statement?), the charitable cause(s) where any fund surplus will go are to be determined by a poll of contributors:

The issue here is that there is no easy way to know exactly who has been a contributor, so I am going to create an anonymous poll and hope that in the spirit of trust of the fund that only relevant people vote. Of course, contributors may be different at the time of any potential surplus so we may need to repeat this if a period of time has elapsed.

Anyway, the poll: as a contributor to the DiS Hardship Fund, would you be comfortable for a surplus (as defined above) to be donated to the running costs of the DiS forums?

  • Yes
  • No

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