DiS Community Hardship Fund


I’m not sure everyone is going to see this tbh

I think it might make more sense for the person responsible for the bank account to determine based on people who have asked for bank details, and maybe a thread too.

maybe we should wait till there is a surplus so we know e.g. how much

tbh I think it’s quite unlikely to be a significant amount of money, maybe wasn’t such a great idea by me


It’s a nice idea, but personally if there was any surplus I’d like it to go to Shelter or similar.

Regards funding DiS, we’ll just have to make sure more people realise how much it costs to run and make donations separately. I honestly didn’t know about Patreon. I went to set it up at lunch and it said there was a VAT payment on top which won’t go to sean, so I stopped to see if there were any other ways to donate. But if that’s the only way I’ll set it up tomorrow.


thought this was a nice and fair idea myself. although as you’ve both said the fund shows no sign of getting into surplus. edit - mean this in a positive way, glad it’s getting used.

the other option would be to have a regular patreon sub to dis from the fund account, if people were ok with that.

my heads a bit battered today so I’m not gonna hunt through my dms for who has contributed, sorry. but @DisRainyDay should cover it.


thanks to the people who have donated since I posted this. just want to say I really didn’t intend to guilt trip anyone by using the group @ thing, sorry if it came across at all like that and thankyou again.


for me [and no doubt others] i’ve been meaning to for ages so glad to have finally been nudged into it :blush: