DiS Community Hardship Fund


Followed the DD and chucked a tenner in as I haven’t contributed for ages


If no one else wants to do it, I’m happy to come back.

I was just feeling a bit low (lots of crap going on at the time) and thought I wasn’t a recognisable DiSer.


We need to think of specific ways to raise money beyond the odd drive and regular contributors.

It’s such a great idea. Helped me out of a hole recently. Mad how stressful cash flow problems or a big unexpected bill can be.

Purely to encourage other DiSers who might be in the same boat i’d like to say it was handled really quickly, sensitively and wasn’t invasive in any way, so if anyone’s struggling to make ends meet don’t be worried about asking.


sounds good to me, I’ll start a new admin thread and invite you in to it after I’ve had my tea.


I have a specific fundraiser in the works for before Christmas, but more long term ideas are worth thinking of for sure.


glad the fund could help you out :blush::+1:


I’ve had a bit of time off the site, and am currently saving for a flat move as I own no furniture, but I should be able to start contributing again in the new year.

It’s great to hear that it’s making a positive impact for people.


the fund received 17 donations & made 2 grants, neither of which were to a committee member. it is neither running low or in surplus.

thanks you very generous people


the fund received 85(!) donations & made 3 grants, none of which were to a committee member. it is currently in surplus.

as we’re still in fundraiser mode, hope you don’t mind that we’re gonna wait til after the raffle (only 4 days away!) to talk about how we deal with the surplus.

also, another reminder that this money was raised so that people could use it and enjoy Christmas.

if anyone is struggling to afford travel, presents, a night out, any sort of wintery leisure activity at all… and you’re worried that it isn’t appropriate to use the fund for these things, just know that it absolutely is. cheers ily.

DiS Community Hardship Fund Winter Raffle: Draw on 5th of December! :tickets:

(and obviously bills and other more pressing needs are always something the fund would be happy to help with)


hiya @DisRainyDay pals

thanks to all your wonderful generosity, and to @Flashinglight’s (& helpers) amazing raffle organising skills, the fund has absolutely flown past the £500 mark where we say it is in surplus. this puts is in a slightly weird situation - we did this fundraiser in the expectation that there would be more demand over christmas, & there has definitely been an uptick recently.

we had a bit of a chat about it in the fund admin thread and came up with a few ideas for how to deal with it, but if anyone else has a better idea, please say. some options we came up with then -

-donate the full amount over the surplus
-donate a percentage or fixed amount (eg £100) of the surplus each month
-defer any donation until after christmas

we’ll do some polls to decide

also now would be a good time for people to suggest which charitable causes they’d like the surplus to be donated to please.



I would suggest delaying any decision until after the end of January (can be an absolute nightmare month for stretching pay)


Fully agree with @Aggpass

The rest of the year is fine for the donation of surplus, but these next couple of months can be really hard for cash flow, and particularly tough for people not being able to join in with activities if they’re struggling for money.

It would be gutting if we donated cash and then couldn’t help someone out at the end of next month.


Also not sure what Sean’s current funding situation is but may be worth sending an amount DiS’s way, none of this could’ve happened without the site

  1. donate the full amount over the surplus
  2. donate a percentage or fixed amount (eg £100) of the surplus each month
  3. defer any donation until after christmas

I would say definitely not 1 - take a combo of 2 and 3.

let’s wait until the festive period is over before reaching a final decision. January can also be a very tight month - credit card bills still coming in, likely to be colder to utility bills will be up, lots of issues with housing, it generally being fucking miserable and people needing help with things for their wellbeing. I would actually wait and see how winter goes.

the rules don’t stipulate a time period in which the surplus has to be donated, and I don’t think anyone would have donated money with the knowledge that it was going to go into surplus so we’re not going against anyones expectations.

I would probably wait until late January to revisit this and then start looking at charitable causes and have a discussion about that. I think if we go down that route, it would be valuable to have a conversation about the kinds of causes we want to support as a group, and look at where that money would have most impact e.g. a smaller charity or a larger more well known one etc.


I think this idea has already been explored after I suggested it and quite a few people were not that keen about the idea of combining the two

whilst it’s true that we need this site for the fund to function at all, we ourselves would be the main beneficiaries of that and I’m not personally that keen on conflating ‘good causes’ and charity with our own use of a website (however important it is).

imo, people should be sending money to dis too (although I understand Sean did a great job at the recent fundraising drive so he’s not quite in the red)


Another vote for Davidoff after January


(Replied to the wrong post didn’t I)


this gets my vote too


Not that we need to worry about this yet, but I was thinking maybe a charity which helps people in hardship might be a good way to go, as it aligns with what the fund is for and people donated with that kind of cause in mind. Obviously that is still a very wide pool of charities so would need more research or suggestions.