DiS Community Hardship Fund



It’s been said before but if we could do something with a couple of smaller local mental health charities as well that would be quite nice.

Strongly think this whole fund has only really been possible because safe spaces on here, particularly the MH threads, have been respected to the point that so many people have felt comfortable opening up.


I’d agree with that. Wait until after Christmas and then perhaps a monthly DiS poll to choose the charity of the month until the surplus has gone.


be great if we could find a small charity who do something that involves both music and mental health?

also keen to donate to DiS, be nice to have both our individual donations and an amount - even if small - that comes via this fund


said I was gonna do some polls, but waiting til the end of Jan and then donating a percentage of the surplus each month seems to have very broad support? do that then.


I would advocate caution against committing to donating a percentage each month (unless it a very small %). This will drain the fund far more quickly than under normal operation. I personally would prefer that, if we do donate, it be to small charities that people have a personal connection too. Perhaps we could solicit the wider community to fill out a form with suggestions.

If the boards do shut down at some point then I think that would be the point at which a larger donation to charity is made in order to liquidate the remaining funds.


just to be clear, it’s a percentage of the surplus, rather than of the total amount in the fund. so if we get to a month where there is less than £500 in the account there would be no donation - the fund has never been close to the surplus before now, and has kept up with demand quite well. we really didn’t expect the raffle to raise that much money tbh!

think I agree on the type of charity we’d want to put the money towards.



I agree with waiting till February as December and January are the hardest months.

I also agree with targeted donations to smaller charities. From a personal perspective, I’d nominate Mustard Tree in Manchester.

I also agree with providing some small donations from the fund to DiS, but reckon we should poll the contributors to see if they’re happy with that, and then suggest if contributors do want to go down that route then we make it clear about where donations will be going to in the future. I understand the argument about separating the community from the site, but to me they seem completely linked and related.

One thing I think about a lot is that I make some regular DD donations to key charities I support, and then make ad hoc donations to other charities or people doing things/needing things, but I feel like I could and should give more to particular needs that I’m not necessarily aware of, or who have a particular urgent need e.g. homelessness support during the winter etc. Maybe the fund could be a way of both raising awareness to charities who have a particular urgent need, along with pooling some contributions so your £20 is scaled up to £200 and you feel like you’ve contributed to a significant donation that will have an immediate and substantive impact.


that last para is a brilliant idea, and I’m gonna write it down in my little fund notebook do I don’t forget to look into things.


awesome, and keep up the great work. I need to sort my online banking on my new phone out so I can make another donation. is there a paypal way to support?


cheers! not at the moment, that’s another thing I’ve been meaning to look into tbh, was gonna get a business account as well as my personal one but a bit worried about how that’d affect my tax.


No worries, don’t stress about it from your end because know what it’s like dealing with personal/business tax issues. making it as easy to donate as possible is a good thing to aim for but shouldn’t take you and others for granted who are organising things.