DiS community label Disintegration State launches today!



Really good podcast, this, and massively appreciate you taking the time. Psyched for you to hear the Jacob Nico album in full - I think the best way I could describe it is Grouper meets Nick Cave at his darkest.


Listened to the whole thing. Some thoughts

  • you have a very sexy voice

  • really excellent podcast, great format to introduce people to the variety but also continuity of the sampler(s)

  • cheers for including me, not just in this podcast but in many podcasts over the years, and what you said about the DiS CPR episodes I did was very flattering, though I think also true; there has been a progression on here of which that was a step on the way to the label but I also think that the Monday Graveyard has been just as vital a step and, as hinted, all of the rolling threads and the share your music threads as well as gear wanker and production tip threads have also all played their part

  • you have a very sexy voice

  • everyone involved has done sterling work - the music is terrific & that thread where it all happened spontaneously & democratically is amazing but y’know special props to @AphexTwinkletoes & @McGarnagle for actually making it happen, for taking the steps from chat to actualisation :pray:t3:

  • @Bamnan is way too good at music to only be known within the confines of this forum. I’ve been saying it for a long time and it only gets truer & truer

  • and finally, you have a very, very sexy voice

Big ups @Gert, Benny 16, chris-budget
@colossalhorse @manches-brute @Kallgeese @TVDenimChap @BifoIsou - Great work all round. Feel honored to be a part of it

and @sean - Cheers for providing the platform. Despite bumps & ripples and fights and arguments now and again you have managed to create a space where this and many other positive forces have managed to flourish - thanks and long may it last


Your leg Bop track (?) really gives me the good Portal 2 soundtrack feels btw. Nice nice nice


Well now, that makes me very happy and a bit emotional. This whole thing has.


I think there’s a few of us feeling that way

It’s a good feeling


Oh I actually did get played! Wasn’t expecting that at all! :hugs: still very much feel i’m the weak link!!!

Thank you! You sound so genuine and enthusiastic! And yeah… great voice! :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Yeah, props to @sean for the community (and thanks for the tweet, which has generated a lot of traffic!)


His album should be up there with alongside Daniel Avery / Rival Consoles / Skee Mask for the end of year IDM lists. There’s a mastery of melody, sound design, production, rhythm, use of space, production which is just outrageous. Especially given that he doesn’t listen to much IDM!


I think several people think that but they’re all wrong! There’s a reason you’re opening up the ambient side (and it’s not to get you out the way :wink:)


Best get your PR muscles :muscle:t3: flexing then, give him the exposure he deserves


I feel like I could do a wide-spread and ranging show just on his stuff.

Sonic 2 remix, Motivation, his acoustic stuff, the Dia sound, this new stuff.


This office has a habit of being really lazy with the Sonos playlist, and often just bung on the same playlist they had on the day before. I find this incredibly irritating, but today it means…




ah you’re being much too kind there!




This was really great, never listened before but looks like there’s plenty to catch up! And thanks so much for including my song, I’m buzzing!


@sheeldz thanks so much for playing my track man! Great presentation style you have. Will be tuning in to future pods you cast


I’ve been in meetings all day today so just listening to it now on the train home now. And I’m smiling at strangers. In London.


my copy just arrived along with my lowering tape! i thought summat had got broken in the tape but no, its a couple of lowering guitar picks :smiley: lovely stuff