DiS community label Disintegration State launches today!



finally got round to listening to my CD today! it appeared in the postbox over the weekend (not sure exactly when as i’ve been absolutely hammering the beers and footy watching)

agree with all the comments about it being of high quality all the way through

one other thing i particularly noticed (have only listened to Journeys so far) is that it has a consistent sound all the way through despite there being so many different artists, which i think is the mastering? :ok_hand:


Cheers dude!

Yeah, that’s @McGarnagle on the mastering. He’ll play down his abilities but he’s a wizard.


It’s quite literally all in the software and a decent set of monitors!




A wizard ain’t nothin’ without a wand


^future album title



you can totally tell the difference from hearing the first playlists you were making to listening to the mastered version. yer boi @McGarnagle’s got skillz


Is this the rolling DiState thread?

Because I’ve had several emails from folk who are not connected to this saying that the episode I put out is excellent and are going to keep paying attention to the label.

And my daughter was dancing to Weights and Dims earlier.



That’s lovely to hear on both counts! Lots of DiS daughters loving bam’s music it seems.

Yeah gonna keep this rolling for the upcoming releases and then retire it when it becomes unwieldy.


Loved the twoism one as well. You’re an indie electronica PR hero @sheeldz


Talking to another Netlabel now about another showcase show. :smiley:



(this and I look forward to the Bricolage one I believe you mentioned before as well!)


I’m not sure if it’s just because I know he likes video games, but I get a kind of video game sense from both of Bam’s tracks on the sampler. ‘Weights & Dims’ texturally, but ‘Dia’ has that kind of sense of place (if that makes sense): I can picture it looping during a quiet story moment in an inn at night / menu screen.


Will listen to this today or tomorrow, waiting for a good time when I’m able to give it my full attention.

Delighted to see @Bamnan’s stuff on Spotify. Have a lot of it on bandcamp but it’s much easier to listen to on spotify and of course share! Sending a few tracks to my dad today because I know he’ll love them.


thanks pal!

New album tomorrow :slight_smile:


Just for everyone’s FYI:

Post-sales and copies being held in reserve for the artists, we have 48 CDs remaining.

That’s less than half the original batch.


blimey, that cd looks amazing! well done to all involved.


@Bamnan- this https://colinmawson.bandcamp.com/album/miniature-epiphanies-2 is LUSH!

only on track two so far! it’s lovely! - in fact track two just finished and I’m going to put it on again!

Can’t believe you made this all in two weeks!!! Excellent excellent work!

:grinning: :grinning::grinning: