DiS community label Disintegration State launches today!



It’s outrageous innit? And you’ve not even made it to Alone At The Beach yet ffs! Song of the year.


First time I’ve seen one of our records on the live bandcamp sales scroller!




ha ha! think that might have been me!



Check out Mr “£5 more than the minimum” over here!


Don’t spend it all at once Bam!


thank you so much! xxx


not that my opinion really matters here but over time that’s become my favourite and the one I’m most proud of. Really happy with the build up and ending




bladdy bandcamp doesn’t load properly at work. Hanging tight for those streaming services to sort themselves out. This is gonna be great having a little listening party and love-in every few weeks


me earlier: I wish I had a decent new record to fill my ears with while I input all these year 12 exam marks onto the spreadsheet…

and then BAM! There is was! perfect :slight_smile:


Yeah, Ditto simply didn’t send it out. Hoping to get it rectified in the next day or so.


Or maybe with the wrong release date attached or something? Could tweet them in public and see if that speeds up the old response.


Listened to the two samplers yesterday, some stunning stuff on there. The Gibraltrians is very much my shit and I can’t wait to listen to more.

Great work everyone, seriously impressed with how this has all come together in such a short space of time.


@Benny16 FYI


Sorry for being thick, where is the link for the anthology purchase?

So I can, among revelling in all the talent here, listen to Leg Bop and get some kind of idea what it is


As backstory… I felt compelled to explain John Toast (RIP) to the TV, who found it almost as funny as I did. She asked me what I thought Leg Bop looked like in the context of the stage where John’s joints were fusing together on account of the age-reversal process so he had very limited leg movement. I did my version of the dance. Then, when I recorded that tune, I realised that the second half was the perfect rhythm for leg bopping, hence the title.

If you don’t know about John Toast, then this is going to read very strangely.

And here’s a surprisingly concise set of posts on the topic…

CD is available on lovely Bandcamp

Then both sides are available on the streaming services.



Can your next track be called Piss Tubes?


A concept album about JT would be incredible and delightfully niche


Made a little Sunday morning chilled playlist from our back-catalogue of albums.