DiS community label Disintegration State launches today!





that seems interesting! Having some anxiety attacks today so not really able to settle to read a long article but will bookmark for later :slight_smile:


aw thanks that’s lovely! :slight_smile:


Still grinding to try and get some reviews for all the releases. Tough game, as I’m sure you know better than most!


It’s a crowded marketplace for sure


I told him you’d always hated his good looks and skills with a synthesizer.


Ah ok good stuff. Wasn’t sure you would have seen my DM in time.



“Electronic music isn’t even real music anyway. Just pressing buttons innit.” - AphexTwinkletoes, 2018


Actually, come to think of it, do any of us even have proper haircuts?


Don’t even have any hair m9


Proper button-pressing. Proper lack of follicles.


Guys this has completely passed me by. Please give me the link for the cd.

@colossalhorse - am listening to Is All now and this is absolutely phenomenal.



Thank you! I’ve been really struggling to create anything not-terrible of late so I needed that.


Found the link, CD bought :+1: I don’t have a CD player but I’mma listen on Spotify :grinning:


Cheers dude. Think there’s lots in there you’ll enjoy!
Bam’s album from a week or so back, Miniature Epiphanies, is worth your time as well :wink:


it’s not too bad is it!


You are getting a lot of listens right now courtesy of a bit of promotion from @BodyInTheThames :pray:


holy shit!


thanks @BodyInTheThames I hope it wasn’t too much trouble :heart:


I remember back in the day I had one track on soundcloud with over 1000 plays, felt pretty mega.