DiS community label Disintegration State launches today!



Couple of cheeky sales off the back of it as well


ah that’s fantastic.

I don’t feel worthy of all the effort and kindness from other people with regards to my stuff but this has made my day :slight_smile:


I’m not kidding when I say this is top 5 of the year for me so far. We all want more people to hear the lovely music!


You’re a good egg making good music Bam. Your brain may be telling you otherwise but it’s just flat out wrong.


thanks mate!

Guess I just wish I was better at the self-promotion side then I wouldn’t be relying on others but it’s probably an anxiety thing y’know?


No trouble at all, just started a thread on r/synthesizers

Get in there if you wanna - same goes for everyone else on here


Just listening to Is All. Brilliant stuff.


it’s really beautiful isn’t it!


It’s a wonderful effort. Will listen to the sampler at some point and see what everything else is like.


Aww shucks :smiley:

Glad you like it!


I’ve got the whole sampler album on my phone anyway, but For Susumu is on my July playlist. Good work @BodyInTheThames!

Looking at the rest of the playlist it would appear that this summer isn’t about bangers, and more about soundtracks and electronica instrumentals.




Folks, I’ve been acutely aware that the label right now is exclusively male artists but unsure how to broach it. Someone else on the forum messaged me politely having noticed as well so I figure the best thing to do is simply acknowledge the fact.

All of the artists who have contributed to the label, and indeed, I think everyone who has even simply made me aware of what they’re working on either in the initial thread or by DMs has been male.

I don’t know if that’s a reflection of there not being women making electronic music on the boards? Or if it’s a cultural thing from the public discussions on the label which has stopped it being an environment people feel comfortable entering. If so, please let us know.

So yeah, it’s something I would love to address but not sure how.


It is dead good!!!


i ‘think’ it’s just that there are more men on here than women? I’d hate to think anyone has found the label thread / submission process to be univiting - really hope that’s not the case. Not idea how to combat the underepresentation tho

Happy to go with any suggestions really!



It’s something I’m acutely aware of but I’m not sure what to do about it. There’s a lot more women on the boards than there used to be but it is still very white-beard-man-centric. I don’t believe any of the current non-male users make music that I’m aware of, and if they do then they’re doing so in private.

I’d love us to be more diverse but I’m a bit wary of trying to draught in non white-beard-man artists for the sake of making ourselves feel better. I’d hate for anyone releasing music with us to feel that they were doing so because of tokenism or whatever. Is there more we can do to make it a more inclusive environment maybe? I think we’re pretty good on those stakes but that’s easy to say as a white dude.


Greater %age of men on the board, greater %age of men making music. It’s a tricky one.

Do you go for some positive discrimination, which puts you at risk of any women who do get included as being “token” women (which I’m sure wouldn’t be the case - you’ve said that not all submissions made the sampler, so I would assume that the same standards would be applied to all).

Maybe the next sample could be a collaborations sampler, with label artists working with others, and encourage them to look outside their normal circles and find other musicians, producers, remixers, vocalists, lyricists, etc. to open things up.

Brighton’s actually pretty good for female electronic artists. Off the top of my head, Eva Bowan has done some great ambient stuff, and Johanna Bramli is doing great things on her own and with Steve Lewis (from Fujiya & Miyagi) as Frost. Could you invite someone like them to put out a release on the label, even if they aren’t DISers?


MueseuM are planning on having multiple collaborators, male and female, on the next album so that’ll be a step in the right direction I hope.

Are there any non-male identifying music makers on DiS I wonder?


Tricky one, this. I really want to retain the community feel of the label at least initially. Of course if it’s DiSers collaborating with other folks that’s a different thing.


trying to think and only coming up with former DiSers and they didnt make electronic stuff