DiS community label Disintegration State launches today!



Yeah obvs someone like mits would be a bit too far from where we’re operating


yeah - having a “female collaborations” could feel forced, but just saying to people that it should be a collaboration, and sowing the seed that they could do something outside if their normal circle should produce interesting results whether it’s male or female.


But what’s to say that someone couldn’t sample a bit of vocal or guitar and work that into an electronic piece?


Just got the email from bandcamp about your CD @AphexTwinkletoes, it looks sublime :heart_eyes:


I can’t help you with musical diversity, I haven’t made music since my music tech A level and that was rubbish anyway, but I would be interested in working with someone on artwork particularly physical packaging. I guess I would need to make some things up as samples to see if any artists think I have anything they could work with.


Good point. The label output isn’t just the “artist” - it’s the music, the artwork, and it’s all the hard work that @AphexTwinkletoes and @McGarnagle have put in the background too.


Well pleased with how they’re looking. Let’s hope the music does the packaging justice, eh?


I’m not likely to be releasing anything physical in the near future but as someone with zero design sense I’d definitely be interested in working with you when I get to that stage!


Just realised my GF is doing artwork for the next MueseuM release! More inclusion!


Just to add my voice to this as the other ostensible “head” of the label.

If any of the this process has at any point been alienating to anyone who does not identify as a male then I’m genuinely gutted and sorry. It was 100% not meant to be the case.

I think the shared dream that most - hopefully all - of us have for this is for the label to be operating as an outlet for some of the great electronic/experimentally-minded kind of music that DiSsers of any stripe are making.

I think our thought process for including stuff basically went as far as:

Are they a Disser?
Are they making music we like in the general electronic/ambient/instrumental/experimental area?

If the answer was yes, and they flagged with us that they wanted to be a part of it then they were fully welcome.

I guess we didn’t even think about gender/race/orientation etc. being an issue, but that’s the whole major problem with patriarchy and white male privilege right? We don’t think about these things because literally everything in the fucking world is stacked in our favour to not have to.

I would absolutely love the label to be more diverse because I genuinely believe diversity of experience drives better, more interesting ideas and art. But even now, writing this post, it’s so easy as a white dude to say “everybody welcome!”, but that still doesn’t really address the myriad underlying issues that may make someone who isn’t a non-white dude feel uncomfortable with putting their music or art forward to be part of this.

I don’t think there are any answers in what I’ve written, but I hope the public acknowledgement that we recognise that lack of diversity is issue can perhaps start the conversation moving in the right direction.


In other label news, a couple of @BifoIsou’s tracks featured on Irish radio last night sounding very natural in some exalted company.

Should be more DS representation this evening :slight_smile:

Props to @Kallgeese for putting us in touch in the first place. Everyone should listen to the feature he did on radio recently talking about his role in the Cork scene. Genuinely lovely interview.


Just come out the other side of Lowering’s ‘Old Forms, New Fun’, and realised i’d stopped working for 6 minutes.

Totally, blissfully, zoned out.


That’s genuinely the best compliment I could think of. Thanks mate! :blush:


You are all sickeningly talented people, and I hate you. :wink:


@McGarnagle has a knack for that. It was when I had a similar reaction to his ‘New Racist Overlords’ that this whole thing really started.


Are you Steve Hadfield? ‘Leg Bop’ is easily my favourite track on the first CD.


I am indeed - thanks! :smiley:

Was actually just listening to my album with Leg Bop on it and was like “yeah this is banging” :wink:


For @bamnan! (and the label)




Think I used Ulrich Schnauss as a reference in the press release. Got a similar warmth hasn’t it?