DiS community label Disintegration State launches today!



Posted this in the evening thread last night but absolutely delighted to receive this yesterday :grinning:



Hope the music lives up to the packaging for you :wink:


I’ve been caning it on Spotify I have to say. I’ll put a post up on Instagram tonight too :+1:


Ah nice :slight_smile:


I’ll go full meme, ‘when your #peng m9s on the internet make a #bombass album’ that kinda thing?

FYI. I won’t do this.


New release tomorrow btw, and I’m pretty excited about it!


I got my copy of the label sampler the other day, too!




New album time!

Today we put out Outer Mongolia by @BifoIsou and it’s dead good.

Sitting at the other end of the spectrum to the soft analogue tones of Bam’s Miniature Epiphanies, my initial thoughts when I heard the album were along the lines of it sounds a bit like Nick Cave covering Grouper. Elements of dark ambient and slowcore, it’s dense and swirling but with moments of light peaking through.

Keen listeners of Irish radio will recognise a few of the tracks which have featured on An Taobh Tuathail in the past week, making it our first breakthrough on live radio :slight_smile:

Really good stuff. I’ve listened to it loads over the past few weeks and it reveals lots of layers over time.


Listening to it now, been looking forward to it since I first heard the early-nineties-Kranky-tasticness of the preview tracks


Really really enjoying this this morning. A manic day at work so nice to have these wonderful sounds washing over me. Need to dive back in a few more times and soak it up some more.

(I enjoyed reading the message I received on Bandcamp too, @AphexTwinkletoes you’re quite the wordsmith!)


Thanks but I can’t claim all (much of) the credit. Most of that is stuff I reworked a bit from what @BifoIsou sent me.


Ah! In that case, you’re both great, and @BifoIsou I’m envious of your combined ability to make great music and then also find the words to do it justice.


Thanks very much!! Spent a long time thinking about it and realised I had a lot to say is all. Though I’m not quite sure what’s in this note :open_mouth:

And thanks for the kind words all, really delighted with how everything’s worked out :slight_smile:


Big big fan of this one. There’s a real sense of narrative and I love how the moments of calm (like Mask Maker) intersperse the more swirling dense portions of the album.


Dronemeister @colossalhorse is featured on this week’s Independent Music Podcast!


Ninja Tune, Domino, Disintegration State :sunglasses:


I listen to this podcast every week (usually while playing Rocket League for some reason) and they’ve gotten me into dozens of brilliant artists over the years so I’m glad I checked out the email before I got through this one. I fear if I’d have heard them introduce my stuff without prior warning something dramatic may have happened in my trouser region.


It’s awesome that it’s a show you’ve been listening to for a long time!

I really wish I could have seen your reaction to realising you were on the tracklisting


I think my brain short circuited for a moment. I probably looked like cupcake dog.



Your wonderfully crafted sampler arrived in the post earlier and so I’m sticking it on now! :heart_eyes: :ok_hand:

Congratulations on all your hard work guys!