DiS community label Disintegration State launches today!





Thank you! I definitely will! I already dipped my toes into some of the awesome material on the label via the Spotify playlist so I know I’m in for a treat :slight_smile:


That looks like a satisfying hi-fi to listen to drones on


It’s a beaut, for sureeee! The discs worked as stellar soundtrack to keeping calm in this unforgiving heat.


We’re back on An Taobh Tuathail tonight! Jacob Nico and MueseuM! Cian has really taken a shine to us!


Bloody brilliant this! :grinning:

Can you speak any Gaelic @Kallgeese?


I can understand Cian’s show but any attempts I make to speak as Gaelige would be laughable!


That’s still really cool!

I used to be like that with Welsh but I think I’ve lost all my skills now I’ve been living amongst the Englanders for so long. Also, apologies for spelling Gaelige wrong!


Love it when we’re there alongside labels like Leaf. And makes me so happy how much Cian is enjoying Jacob’s album!


All good! It’s a bit different from Scots Gaelic so it tends to go by a different name.

I used to go out with a fluent speaker of the language and knew loads then. That’s a long time ago now, can barely speak a word now (though I was speaking Irish to some cows in a field yesterday!)


Holy moly I got played on Irish radio too?! Yesterday was a big day for me!

We’re in some pretty great company again guys. So happy Cian’s taken such a shine to us (though I also wish I could understand what he’s saying!)


He’s thrown my name into the mix tonight too - listening now. Great show but no clue at all what he’s saying



Another great An Taobh Tuathail show last night :slight_smile:

Made a little playlist for this morning’s grey skies.


reckon this would go great with my minecraft adventures today :slight_smile:


I just turned on tonight’s show and he’s currently playing Lowering, its sounds brilliant.


I just saw! I was played on the same show as Gui Boratto, DJ Koze and a Robert Hood remix. Robert Fucking Hood! :grin: so happy!


Paging @colossalhorse



I’ve taken a day off work mainly to work on new music and only just seen this. Gonna have a read now. Little bit nervous even though Nick already told me he really liked it.


It’s a lovely review. Delighted for you :slight_smile:


Back on lovely Irish radio tonight - strong representation among esteemed company.

And got invited to contribute to a cool playlist of dark ambient / drone / modern-classical