DiS community label Disintegration State launches today!



Mate, your chops are proper :exploding_head: All those jazzy leads and stuff you casually flick off make me feel like my hands have been replaced with giant cartoon hams.


Yeah, I found this the other day and it was more excellence :+1:

I wish I had paid more attention to the track titles at the time so I could heap praise on it with more specificity, but the whole thing had the same rich, immersive warmth.,


aww :slight_smile:

The secret is none of them are really all that complicated, usually I just work through and refine a few bars until the movement of notes feel right and then move on to the next bit. I don’t really do leads/“solos” spontaneously very often unless I’ve got a shit load of distortion on to mask all the errors :wink:


Thanks again for the extraordinary praise! I’m very proud of that album. First time I’d put together something of that length and still felt “yeah this is right” months after I’d finished with it.


We put out a single and remix yesterday by Sunbane (aka @Elights ). Main track is kinda futuristic house and is a teaser for an excellent album releasing end of September. It’s very very good. Available on Bandcamp and the usual streaming services