DiS community label Disintegration State launches today!



My only issue with Hyperdeath so far is that I’m listening to it on a sunny day, perfectly aware that this would fit really well with the darkening evening.


fun listener tip: play this gif while listening to ‘In A Corner’


Props to @Elights


Warp knows we’re coming for them…


@ghosthalo - listening to Hyperdeath for the second time today.

Reminding myself how lovely those wooly, foggy, indistinct synth sounds are. It’s like they’ve spent years hidden away in an attic, gathering dust, and slowly warping and wearing down under the neglect of accumulated time before being unearthed just for this record. Just absolutely :ok_hand:


@ghosthalo I just listened to Hyperdeath in the bath, was lovely! Really enjoyed all the whirls and hisses and creaks, coupled with the subtle minor key synths made me feel like I was exploring the seedy underbelly of an old city at night.

Very rich and rewarding listen :slight_smile:


Bump for last Friday’s Ghost Halo album.

Also, @McGarnagle and I did a little interview with the good folks at I Heart Noise a while back which they just published. We chat about why we set up the label, some of the challenges, and get all pretentious about music’s role in society.


If I was only pretentious about music’s role in society then clearly I wasn’t trying hard enough. :thinking:


Also, courtesy of the one and only @manches-brute


finally listened to this, its really nice. sort of stuff ive not listened to for a while but was well into a few years ago. very hyperdub


Our cassette store day release is up on Bandcamp for pre-order. FAO @iamwiggy, in particular, whose instrumental tracks provided the source material for our artists.


oof that cover art is fit


I’ll claim no credit for it


Cheers! Pretty pleased with it! :grinning:


both tracks that are up so far sound absolutely awesome!


The whole thing is incredible. Looking forward to you hearing the final work!