DiS community label Disintegration State launches today!



A vinyl record is the absolute dream for me. In the unlikely event we haven’t made billions and won all the awards by the time I hit 40 I’ll probably end up doing a vanity run of records for one of my releases just so I can bore my hypothetical children by making them listen to and stare at it. Daily.


So bloody proud! Wouldn’t have happened without this community though.

Definitely fancy doing vinyl at some point. Would probably need to be a lathe cut really limited run at the size we are right now.






also Disintegrated Piano Rolls


Actual literal disintegrated piano rolls, made properly but then left out in the rain.


listened through to the tape for the first time yesterday, really sounds great and felt like quite the journey. Loads of lovely ambient touches in the pieces and felt like the whole thing flowed really well from a sequencing perspective. Such a lovely ending.

Definitely felt like I might have been a weak link on there. I don’t even mean that in a self-deprecating way though I just feel everybody really produced some beautiful entrancing music for this one.


Your track is incredible. @McGarnagle and I both came up with prospective track-listings. The only common choices we made were your track as the perfect opener and @TVDenimChap as the closer.


I think you both did a great job putting it together, there was definitely a kind of natural sounding change of pace throughout, almost like going from day to night as the pieces seemed to become more abstract and almost sparser as it went on (I need to listen again to truly cement my thoughts on this). @TVDenimChap did a great job with the closer, felt perfect to hear the tape player click off at the end.

The whole thing kind of made me feel nostalgic as the last time I listened to tapes I was a child going through my dad’s Queen & Black Sabbath tapes!


Wish the tape deck in my car still worked so I could buy this. Really enjoyed driving around with the Workin Man Noise Unit tapes I got a few years back. Great fun


got a weird and intense feeling as I went to put the tape back in the case and realised I was trying to shove it in upside down. Did that so many times as a kid.


It is a solid opener. That opening sound feels like finding and playing a mysterious tape for some reason


My dad is driving with an external hard drive on shuffle and two Dis State tracks have cropped up thus far :+1:


Bumpity bumpington for last Friday’s release. Also got some cool stuff lined up over the next couple of months…


Just started on this (via Bandcamp) and it’s totally ace :+1: Weird and excellent!

(Can this be the sample source for the next one? https://vine.co/v/OpjbIbb1iqK)




DOOF Washing
DOOF Washing
DOOF Washing Washing my

HhHhHhHhHh Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmssssss



Double-dose of @Bamnan coming up on Nov 2nd… New album from the man himself accompanied by some remixes I did of his ‘Moons of Jupiter’.


New single from me this Friday too. Then things lined up from @Gert, @manches-brute, @colossalhorse, @McGarnagle, and others have been sharing some exciting works-ins-progresses.


oh hello


good moleman graveyard to you