DiS community label Disintegration State launches today!



Ha. I hadn’t seen your post before my subsequent one. The lesson here seems to be that @Bamnan ‘s music appeals to all ages.


From bairns to nans


You guys!

Glad the music is resonating for everyone as much as it does for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Loving the reactions to Dia


Just to confirm we have now officially sold 1/3 of the CDs. :open_mouth:



Yes - GO US!


Stupid gif limit limiting my gifs.


[Insert humorous reference to much money in form of animated gif here]






Going to start camping by my post box


This has lead to some fun discussions with the TV -

“you said you weren’t buying cds any more”

“yeah well this is a special occasion”

“just digital with things you love on vinyl you said,rather than cluttering up the house with yet more cds”

“oh look! A distraction!”


This is actually really really good isn’t it!

Very proud to be on this! Thanks guys!


This will be a massively nerdy thing to say, but: that’s a really nice looking speaker! What is it?!


Weights & Dims is such a BANGER


It’s a Geneva - it’s an all in one thing, so it has a cd slot at the top and radio and I assume the newer ones have Bluetooth etc - I put the iPhone in through the line in if I am Spotifying etc

It cost a stupid amount of money when we got it about 8? Years ago - went from something like a second hand this - https://www.superfi.co.uk/p-7925-discontinued-sony-cmtspz90-3-disc-cdmp3dabcassette-micro-system-with-speakers.aspx - to the Geneva! Ha ha ha!

I think me and the gf both got a work bonus that year and I convinced her that we really needed to spend it on an upgrade! Bit mad looking back - we were living in a right shit hole at the time, it must have looked ridiculous in there!


This arrived this morning! Thanks for the sweet note too, I had wondered if you would have assumed that I was ya boy @rich-t - an easy mistake to make as my name is also Rich T and we’re both in that ‘ampshire.

Got it cranked up properly on big speakers and what’s really striking (as well as the songwriting) is how consistently great the production of each track is - I’m right in assuming that all of these are home recordings aren’t I? Some pals used to make bedroom electronica maybe five years ago and it didn’t sound nearly as ‘big’ as this - at least insomuch as minimal ambience can sound big! None of it would sound out of place on a Warp sampler. Looking forward to getting an opportunity to put this on at 3am and properly digest it all.


Annoyingly, my surname doesn’t even being with a T. It’s a nickname from my late teens that I’ve kept.


Was not ready for this.



I think yer man @McGarnagle did a top job of the mastering there :+1:t3:

Though yeah, quality runs through the thing from beginning to end