DiS community label Disintegration State launches today!



Ah, damn! I was doing so well in guessing which Dissers were which, too! You’ve both got new borns as well, as if to deliberately add to the confusion.

Yep - all bedroom/home studio recordings I think.

That is a MASSIVE compliment, thanks mate!


Don’t you follow me on untappd?


This is so cool, what ive heard already sounds like great music to write to as well. Also the cover looks really good! I might just be a moron but how do I buy it for Google play? The link was looping back on my phone and not taking me to the app :open_mouth: This really looks beautiful tho I think I will just get the CD instead


errr… yes… but you’ll always be Rich-T to me. It’s in my brain and I’m too old and dumb to change it now.



I could literally paraphrase Alan Partridge and say that “The Emperor Apparition was (mostly) recorded over there” (a section of floor near the door and CD cases) and that “Creaky Nowhere BGM was (mostly) recorded over there” (a very slightly different section of floor nearer to the wardrobe)


Ha ha, I use my real name there. NVM


Thanks man! That means a hell of a lot coming from you because your stuff always sounds so absolutely mint.


checks untappd

Well I never… funny what tricks the mind plays on you isn’t it?


Cheers, I’m actually usually a little slapdash come the final stages so I really appreciate someone else picking up that slack :slight_smile:


Thanks m9!

Don’t buy it from google though! It’s way more expensive on there than on bandcamp and it’s split into two separate releases because of their “rules”. You should be able to stream it from there for free if you’ve got a google music subscription tho?

Otherwise you can get the download from bandcamp for much cheaper, or the CD comes with the download anyway.


For the record;
Both my tracks were recorded here;

Though both were arranged & mixed on headphones at home sat on my living room sofa - which is where I’m sat right now


I like your bear head covered in fairy lights.


Cheers - he watches over all my work :slight_smile:

He used to be a plain grey minimal shop display bear but I painted him some fur & eyes


I could basically live in your studio and only emerge for sustenance.

What’s the mixer you’re using there? I’m thinking of starting to go a bit more out of the box with some small desktop synths and will probably need a mixer with a few fx/aux outs and stuff.




This is how I recorded Plastine Pyramids - 3 weeks of 9am - 11pm there. I have a fuckton of unreleased stuff of all flavours too

The mixer is a Soundcraft MFX12/2. It’s a basic PA mixer really but an analog mixer is useful in general. It’s discontinued now, replaced by the EFX12/2 if you wanna take a look


Thanks mate! :grin:


Don’t s’pose whoever has the stack of sampler CDs would mind posting rough current stock levels would they? Every time I see a Disser posting a pic with one, I keep thinking ‘ach, there’s another one gone!’

Was hoping to wait til payday, but may have to ration the kids meals for a couple of days or summat to secure one if necessary… :wink:


We’ve got got about 63 left, and I reckon we’re past the initial rush now, so you can keep the kids well fed!


Great, thanks for the update McGarnagle - my eldest always notices when we switch her over to the imitation gruel, so that does make things a little easier :grinning: