DiS Community purchase - ISLAND EDITION



£2m and you get a massive 760 acre island.

There are 9 houses/cottages as well as a herring curing station, a workshop, a post office, café, hotel and village shop. So a range of potential money-making options.


I don’t think we could raise that kind of cash unfortunately


If we all chuck our life savings on an away win tonight we might get close


that kind of negativity isn’t welcome on the island. Sorry Ant


was thinking we should have a collective diser rainy day fund where everyone on here contributes a couple of quid a month and then anyone can dip into in times of need


Omg if you owned that you could call yourself Lord Summer Isle!


presumably we have to evict a load of people in order to move there?


Probably worth it just for the “have you tried the post office?” bants.


Sorry JozzaTozza


This is now the PN house-purchase thread


Don’t let ESA see this thread ffs

One minute he’s raising cash to revamp DiS, next thing you know he’ll be owner of his very own island equipped with secret bunker and a rocket launcher inside a hollowed-out volcano


I’d rather buy a one bed flat in London for that money, obviously.


you can basically camp anywhere in scotland, how about we all just go camping and pretend we own scotland?


Under the Independent People’s Republic Of Sturgeon, that slight of hand wouldn’t be necessary.


Guys, he’s done it again!


Slight of hand and thin of waist,
A bed of nails, she’s losing weight.


Feel free to submit it to homophone corner.


This Greenwich castle is a better one, surely? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-53953114.html

Live right by @xylo

Big fan of this bit:

The DLR at Cutty Sark and Greenwich are within 0.8 of a mile and 1 mile respectively

Oh yeah, totally imagine the future owner of this castle gives a shit about the closeness of public transport.


"poor people are as far as a mile away! hooray!


That seems decent value for 2.75 million in that London.

You’d pay about 300 grand for a 1 bedroom flat around there wouldn’t you?