DiS Confessions


Oh god, I love that you’d do this! :slight_smile:

i gotta be honest, i have no idea if anyone actually reads them :smiley:

I don’t think anyone does, but I still enjoy writing them so

This week’s will be up v. soon


I actually didn’t recognise them because of that, it’s down to a very specific username they use! I only use my mod powers for good!

There’s a few people on here who are connected to bits of my life in weird ways, like they may not know me to look at but they would know my family, or probably went to my school, or know people I worked with and stuff. I think you’ve got to expect it, the world is a very small place, as exemplified by this charming tale;

When I went to university I didn’t know anyone from my hometown. I was fine with this. I was sitting around in my room in halls being all drunk and listening to Bright Eyes or whatever stereotypical sad-boy shit I would have been doing when suddenly a cabbage comes flying through my window, narrowly missing my laptop. I knew what building it would have come from, so I picked it up and began a search.

I knocked on the ground floor flat of the building, and when the door opened I took a big fucking bite out of the cabbage, spat it on the floor and said, “Did you throw this fucking cabbage through my window?” The guy looked really nervous and swore he didn’t, which I took in good faith so I left him to his evening. Repeated this process on the middle floor, and then eventually the top floor. The difference with the top floor was that the guy who answered the door was wearing a hoodie from my old sixth form, and who I recognised because one of his friends once held a door shut for me to run into headfirst. Turned out he had thrown the cabbage, but had no idea that it was my room. I was so perturbed by the fact that it was him that I just sort of left (chucked the cabbage gently into his flat though).

Tl;dr expect other people to know at least a bit of your past, or at least to throw a cabbage through your window.


Those Stein threads were absolute gold.


nav is

  • telling the truth
  • throwing us off the scent

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do you know people from dis in real life but never told them (anonymous)

  • Yes
  • No

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thought quite a few but then everyone changed their pictures and i’ve no idea who most people are any more

No but sometimes there are weird overlaps with Twitter and stuff (an ex-Dissers partner who I follow on Twitter thanks to DiS and general overlapping friend groups went to my school for example, which was odd when we put it together).

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I’m shucks.

Once met someone from here (they don’t post any more) completely out of context, didn’t mention our shared…whatever this is.

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Have you ever seen a DiSser in real life but not spoken to them?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I think so but not sure

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burden; curse; affliction

i speak to anyone within range of me, just in general

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This made me laugh, open with that.

Lots of times at gigs, where it’s quite a faff to push through a crowd to say hello.

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sometimes I’d see xylo doing srs non-book meetings and didn’t want to interrupt
probably a people trafficking business or something