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When someone posts a poll that forces you to either massively flatter them or be mean, I secretly want to take the mean option to teach them a lesson, even when I don’t think the mean thing

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DIS is quite progressive but not especially to the left overall

can seem quite a bit more left than it actually is sometimes because most of the internet is a screaming right-wing hellscape


I believe everybody here is exactly how/who they say they are

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Becoming increasingly disenchanted with just how office/wfh centric DiS is and feel like an alien a lot of the time because of that and my location as well. Not sure why I’m still here really.


Quite a few unemployed people too

This isn’t anyone’s fault btw.

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Never said there wasn’t

I think it’s probably fine in terms of the general beliefs themselves, but the hypocrisy, pointless partisanry (not that I think more deference should be shown to conservative ideas, just that you don’t need to defend stuff just because it’s being said or done by a leftist!) and lack of self awareness in politics threads can be amazing.

Remember how many people were praising Corbyn for not picking a side on Brexit and saying it was the cleverest, most strategic thing to do and meant everyone would focus on his domestic agenda? And now that’s been conveniently forgotten about but we’re still harping on about the People’s Vote type stuff sabotaging Labour? Maybe both of them were equally unhelpful!

It’s not the most important thing by a million miles but if you’re going to regularly criticise people for having bad faith takes on politics, it would make sense to be a bit more honest when we or the people, parties and policies we support have failed, fucked up or been misjudged. And we could all be a bit more humble in our predictions/assessments of big picture stuff given how badly wrong most of us misjudged last year.

(I’m aware I’m generalising and that I often complain about the politics threads. there’s good shit on there and it’s definitely had a huge influence on my own opinions. but I just want them to be better and more honest! there is enough spin and bullshit in the world of politics!!)


Recruit some of your colleagues

I voted not sure but then remembered that I post relentless genius at a rate that many would consider to be physically impossible


And that’s not counting my Lounge-exclusive nude content

Good God no. Still have an uneasy feeling that my bosses’ daughter might lurk or find DiS at some point though.

I feel you Funky, when I was working in retail it used to really get me down that I couldn’t participate on here as much as I wanted and resented a lot of the office worker stuff - how dare these people, who get to sit down all day and brag about how little they do, get paid several multiples more than me and have job security while I have to deal with cunts screaming at me, homophobic colleagues and the absolute screaming pain of my feet after a 6 day week and not being allowed to lean on the counter.

I’m now one of those people but it would all do us well to check our privilege on this stuff. Sending love xxx


I get that, and don’t think it’s fair for people here to be accused of having a bad faith takes on politics here when they’re clearly sincere, or even being politically dogmatic or making bad predictions (I was definitely surprised by the size of Corbyn’s defeat in Dec) - I just personally find a lot of the common sense opinions a lot of people hold kind of boring and also indicative of a lot of wider problems I experience or come across in normal life. And just being a bit too right wing all round really.

Just remembered the heady days of posting here during my job at the royal mail sorting warehouse

Yeah that’s right manager, I need a poo at the precise midpoint between the start of the shift and lunchtime and yes, I’m going to be in there for fucking AGES


Seems a little sarcastic too


this definitely influences a lot of the perspectives taken as given here without people thinking about it imho

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I like posts sometimes just because I like the poster and not the post itself

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Thank you Pervo :heart:

Like I said, I’m not having a go at anyone or anything cause it’s not anyone’s fault really just becomes very apparent sometimes that I lead a very different life to the majority of people here and like you said, I’d love to sit about posting on here about the mundanities of office life or whatever sometimes but it’s not and probably never will be an option.