DiS digital mixtape swap 🎵 🖥

Saw some interest when I suggested doing this the other day.
DM me or post in here before midnight Sunday March 22nd if you’re up for it and I’ll match everyone up with a recipient.

Would there be interest in setting up playlists (12 songs or 60m or something) a linking to Spotify?

I’m going to need quite a few hours of music.

What format would this be in shrewbs?

guessing most people would prefer to use spotify but anything you want, as long as the recipient can access it


thought it might be nice to do a personalised swap and then people can share them publicly afterwards if they choose to
Also liked the thing bugduv did previously where everyone creates a playlist with a given theme, that could be a separate thread though if anyone wants to run it. I’d be up for doing both

^ that one

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  • In for a personalised mixtape swap
  • In for a themed mixtape sharing thread
  • In for both
  • In for neither

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I’m game for this!


Used to enjoy the physical mixtape swaps but they’re time consuming, well up for digital

I’m in the mix :wink:



I was thinking last night about whether it would be logistically feasible to do a daily multi-person playlist. With so many people on here working from home, etc, it could be really cool if, say, 30 or 40 people nominated one track each day and someone cobbled them together and shared the link. Could be a really good way to listen to a much broader range of music.


i spent so long agonising over where to put a certain track or two in my Nightshift running order that it just never got submitted. i’ll try and avoid that this time


Sure thang

In! Loved making the Nightshift playlist :slight_smile:

I like this idea too

might as well start the 2nd thread today and then whoever wants to participate can in their own time.
should we:

  • Decide a theme beforehand
  • Let people choose from a list of 2 or 3 themes
  • No theme

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If the former then a couple of ideas for themes:

  • Spring Mornings
  • Concrete Jungle
  • Other (please suggest)

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I’m bad at making decisions, sorry

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