DiS digital mixtape swap 🎵 🖥

went with the popular vote

Totally forgot to bump this with a reminder. Extending the deadline to midnight tonight if anyone else wants to join, will match people up tomorrow and dm everyone with their recipient

alright, following people said they were up for it.

will do it secret santa style and dm you all with your mixtape-ee now


Since someone asked, this one doesn’t have to be spring morning themed. can do what you like.


Did we agree 12 songs / 60 mins or was that for the Spring mix?

Think I said max 70 minutes in the other one, up to you but I’d propose something similar here

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If whoever got me needs some guidance, here’s my last year’s last.fm stats

Whoever’s got me, the heavier and rockier the better! :slight_smile:

How and when are we sharing these?

I’ve PMd mine to my recipient, but really happy to share it. It’s a really lovely playlist imho

I’ll send mine to my playlistee in a minute then. It’s a bit all over the place.

Happy to send you mine…

Ah sloblock, missed this cos it’s on the social board…arse…

Yes please!

Got a great playlist from @Ruffers yesterday, will post some feedback after a few more listens.

Sent mine to my recipient this morning. I find I need a theme to really get going so I gave it a rather obvious current theme. I’ll post it here if folks are interested but I’ll wait a day or so so that my recipient can have a listen first!


I’m glad you’ve liked it so far! It was a treat to compile

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Think after we’ve received feedback from our recipients, we should post our lists in this thread. Love a good playlist

Got my list from @nemrac. Very uptempo energetic one, kick-started by everyone’s favourite, Smashing Pumpkins. And a very on brand inclusion of The Cribs. Lots of stuff that I’ve not heard and will be investigating further. Thanks


Edit: Don’t be silly Funkhouser.

still working on mine but got a lovely shrewbie themed one from spaceman earlier.


I’ll post it if I can work out how to do it without it showing my real name (I’m literally the only person in the world with my name and don’t fancy blasting it all over the place)