DiS digital mixtape swap 🎵 🖥

I could make it and post it 🤷

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Yeah ok that would work, cheers rich-t

Still working on mine but reckon I’ve got a solid theme…

Sent mine to @shyguy2013 last night, can post here too if anyone wants it. Bit of hip hop bit of northern soul bit of some other stuff.

Here’s the one I did if anyone wants a listen

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mix I made.

I’m still working on this. Got a theme, but way too many tracks! Should defo have it ready by the end of the week…

Here’s the one I made

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Here’s mine! It’s very heavy and dark but cheers up towards the end, as the astronaut re-enters the atmosphere without burning up and realises he’ll probably live to see another day.


Oh yeah and there’s a Burzum song on it :grimacing:

Here’s mine I sent to Icarus. I really like this playlist. Hope others do too.

And this is @nemrac’s playlist they sent to me. It’s great


This was for @JaguarPirate
Made it as a bit of an evening counterpoint to my Spribg Mornings playlist, which csn be found in the appropriate thread.

This is mine that I sent to @sheeldz yesterday. I’m yet to hear anything from them so maybe they hate it! :slight_smile:

The last track made me laugh when I spotted it on the track list! My mum was a John Denver fan so I got subjected to his Greatest Hits a lot when I was a kid!

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Had to be done :smiley:
It sounds so weird after all the noise too!

Think this is for the other thread
It’s really lovely though, just been listening to it on my little walk

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Just tweaking/finalising the running order - sorry for the delay :grimacing:

Did two for @Flashinglight, one as a mixed MP3, the other as a Spotify playlist, slightly different track listings. (Just realised that I didn’t send the actual MP3 file originally, just the artwork jpg :man_facepalming: )




Here’s mine for @megalthicrock .
Starts quiet then goes poppy and then goes quiet again.

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