DiS Dining Club #3 🍔


Do any dates in May work for anyone?

  • 14 Mon
  • 15 Tue
  • 16 Wed
  • 17 Thu
  • 18 Fri
  • 19 Sat
  • 20 Sun
  • 21 Mon
  • 22 Tue
  • 23 Wed
  • 24 Thu
  • 25 Fri
  • 26 Sat
  • 27 Sun
  • 28 Mon
  • 29 Tue
  • 30 Wed
  • 31 Thu

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For restaurants, I like the look of this place https://www.eatlebab.com and this http://www.radioalicepizzeria.co.uk

Also would people be ok to make it totally alcohol free?

Partners and friends welcome too!


will keep this open for a while

just tagging a few people who might want to come

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@roastthemonaspit @Jeremys_Iron @eltham @elthamsmateowen @Owensmaterob @furryfan @Raanraals @badmanreturns @Bamnan


I think it’ll be hard, again, for this month…with the wedding and honeymoon eating up all of my time up. Sorry to bail, but June/July looks much better :slight_smile:


@wonton @xylo @grievoustim @AphexTwinkletoes @plasticniki


Probs not - don’t think I’m down in London at any time in May apart from this coming week. Shame - I’d like to get back along to an LME DiS meet


Just moved to Amsterdam! Have fun tho…


I am going to be LME from Tues to Thurs so this looks potentially IN


For purely selfish reasons, my vote goes to the Hoxton branch of Radio Alice.
Alcohol free is fine, obviously.


Both of those places to eat look delicious in my opinion.


I’m the usual I’ll see what day it is and see if I can arrange it, but I am trying to swing two nights out in June so I might have to skip again.


I dont know how old R is (you told me but I forgot sorry) and what kind of expectations you have for childcare but I would be happy to watch them sometimes. I have the Scottish version of a criminal record check to work with children but can see about getting the English equivalent. me and my partner have a niece and nephew so aren’t totally clueless about how to look after young kids. I know it must be really scary having someone else look after your kid though so totally understand if you prefer your mum for childminding.


I’ll be back in the UK on the 30th May so could swing by instead of going straight home from Stansted.

Any other day, nah.


That is really very kind of you to offer :slight_smile: :heart: It is partly for practical reasons that my mum will look after him if I am out past his bedtime, because we live in her house so I can’t really invite someone else round to look after him there. Also, he is really shy with new people so I don’t think he would be very happy being left with someone he wasn’t very familiar with yet. And really I am just too nervous of a parent that it limits things. He is just shy if two btw.


yeah I think if I had children I would want my family looking after them at that age

when he’s a bit older the offer still stands :slight_smile:


normally London is only possible on weekends. first weekend of these two, my pal is talking about stag something. i’m not going wedding because holiday (I am bad friend), so feel like I should go that. second weekend here is aforementioned holiday, so am probably out of this


I’ve got a hen do first weekend in June but if that date is better for others please feel free to go for it




Let’s say 31st May at Radio Alice then we can change it later if we want.

If people’s availability changes can you please amend your vote so it doesnt affect the poll?


Radio Alice (Hoxton) is booked for 18.30 on Thursday 31 May.

Let me know if that’s too early (next available booking is 19.45) and we can discuss changing it.

Any dietary or access requirements please let me know either here or by PM and we can make sure it’s suitable for everyone.

Anyone wanting to join is still welcome but try to give a bit of notice x