DiS dining club #4: picnic in the park and maybe rounders 🌞


I thought it would be fun to do something outside in the park where we all bring and share food and possibly play rounders (I have a baseball bat and ball which people are also welcome to borrow if I’m not there).

  • Saturday 30 June
  • Sunday 1 July
  • Saturday 7 July
  • Sunday 8 July
  • Saturday 14 July
  • Sunday 15 July
  • Saturday 21 July
  • Sunday 22 July
  • Saturday 28 July
  • Sunday 29 July

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Oooh nice one Deebs. Got a very wedding heavy month but have put in the dates I can do. London really comes into it’s own in a big park in the summer sun :sunglasses:


yeah I’ve got two weddings in Scotland and plans some weekends so not super available but hopefully some more people can do one of those Saturdays


I am in the country over the 30/1 weekend but got lots of plans flying back on the Sunday night :-/


I might be able to swing by if it’s 28th but don’t plan around me!


In London one of those weekends… :eyes:


argh, i’m in the UK at the beginning of august :disappointed_relieved:

have fun!


Can I skype in so I don’t have to go to London?


On some of these dates I’ll have to excuse myself between the hours of 3 PM and 5 PM (World Cup, obviously)


I’m not LME at weekends now :disappointed:


i’m finding it very hard not to make a snarky comment given the place you purchased :rofl:


Only 2 days good for me, but I’ll come of it works out


this sounds very wholesome


Will leave this open till next week. If anybody is a tentative please say as it will help us choose date.


So for selfish reasons I prefer 7 July. Can people still make the date? If not and it is 14th I’m afraid I can’t make it but can help you choose a nice park.


Gah one of the days I can’t make but the weather is going to be obscene for this! Can’t imagine anything better than a big park and some rounders. Have fun all!


I feel it ought to be a date you can make it, since it was your idea and you made the thread and most importantly, the poll