DiS dining Club #5 🍔


The date has been selected as Thursday 30 August. If you haven’t voted but want to go please let me know.

  • Friday 17 August
  • Saturday 18 August
  • Friday 24 August
  • Saturday 25 August
  • Sunday 26 August
  • Thursday 30 August
  • Friday 31 August
  • Saturday 1 September
  • Wednesday 5 September
  • Thursday 6 September
  • Friday 7 September
  • Another date - please suggest some in the thread

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As usual, would absolutely love to come, will have to wait for location and date to see if it is doable though, also as usual. Loved the one at Mestizo in January.


really hope you can make it :slight_smile:

if it’s between a couple of dates, would you be able to find out which one works best for you then we could try to go for that one?


Argh was gonna say yes to the 17th but my flight is a lot earlier than I thought :frowning:


Could pull an all nighter I guess (flight is at 6:15). Maybe for 17th!


if you do this, your dinner is on me!


I could very on the off-chance conceivably do September (I’m already out for meals on the 31st of August and 1st of September so it’d be funny to have another sorted out really soon after – CULINARY MAYHEM)


Sure, if it is between a couple and I can make one date over the other I can let you know.


I’m down in London a lot more now so will try to come along if I’m around once a date is picked


Voted and keen.




Been extremely flakey for the last ones of these so hesitant to commit too much but I enjoyed myself at the first one and would love to attend another so will let y’all know once the date/venue is sorted (I’ve also voted for my most preferable date of the poll options)


@wonton @NotEvenDreams @guntrip


@meowington @plasticniki @wewerewerewolvesonce





Can’t make it now anyway. Enjoy!


Maybe also @imaperv, @jazzballet and @noise_ramones? (just thinking of people I remember went to the first one)

…and possibly worth contacting @ericV and @Jeremys_Iron to see if they are interested?

If I can make it at all the currently leading dates look promising :+1:


Would love to go but I’m working this weekend and it’s my birthday the next but if we are doing an autumn one count me in


Voted :+1:


I’'ll leave this open for a few days but it looks like it’ll be Thursday 30th August so put that in your diaries!

What sort of food do people fancy? I love all food that isn’t meat but I don’t consider meat human food.