DiS Dining Club #6 🍔



It’s already been almost a month since we had that gorgeous Turkish food. If people still enjoy this as much as I do, I’m very happy to organise it (not that it takes much organisation).

For the weekend dates, we could also look at doing lunch/brunch/food markets and also something in addition a meal (e.g. visit a city farm, go to a museum).

  • Friday 28 September
  • Saturday 29 September
  • Sunday 30 September
  • Monday 1 October
  • Tuesday 2 October
  • Wednesday 3 October
  • Thursday 4 October
  • Friday 5 October
  • Saturday 6 October
  • Sunday 7 October
  • Monday 8 October
  • Tuesday 9 October
  • Wednesday 10 October
  • Thursday 11 October
  • Friday 12 October
  • Saturday 13 October
  • Sunday 14 October
  • Monday 15 October
  • Tuesday 16 October
  • Wednesday 17 October

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The usual criteria apply for restaurants: veggie friendly, easy to get to from central London for the people travelling from far away, not too expensive (not over £20 per head), not in a pub (though it can be somewhere where alcohol is served), and of course if anyone has any requirements for accessibility we’ll prioritise that.




LFF starts on 10 Oct so will be pretty busy then and not available for dining duties.


i may be around That London in the daytime on the 24 nov. realise this is outside those dates but thought id write it down anyway


Will you also be there on the 25th?


just the 24th in the day time for a few hours unforch. we’re coming down to see pals for a long wknd and gf and her m9s are going to the matinee of dreamgirls coz one of their pals is stage manager or something so ill have a few hours free from 2 or 3 or 4 or whenever it starts. i may have the dog with me, in which case she loves a good pub. i may not, in which case i might just go record shopping :man_shrugging:


That’s a shame, the 10th anniversary DiS footy match is on the 25th and it would have potentially been a very nice crossover event


I think next week might be a bit too soon. Tagging

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I may come but I don’t want to influence any vote on dates or restaurants as if I don’t go again it would be unfair.

But if the date and restaurant suits I’ll try to come this time.


Thinking of going here on Saturday 13 October


this looks good, I’d come


Not sure if there are enough people available at the same time. Maybe we can go in November instead?






went here the other night and whilst it was quite tasty and affordable, I couldn’t believe how small the tables are

you basically have to rest your legs on the person opposite’s lap

the desserts are expensive and lacklustre