DiS does art: April 2021

I could nae see a thread for it.

I’m not a patient person, certainly not enough for painting and that. However, I’ve recently found joy in lino printing. Here’s my first forays.


I like these very much.

I think you should do more.


These are great. I saw your carrot post on FB briefly and didn’t click that you’d made it, sorry!

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Also just found joy in it. Did this crow last month and have two R.E.M inspired pieces in progress at the moment


Made a stupid cutting mistake on this one this morning but no way am I doing it again :upside_down_face:


there’s a prompt generator here
this one sounds fun

if you can’t see the mistake it didn’t happen. looks amazing!

Thread inspired me to actually do the first r.e.m panel.

Second panel will be the moon with the next line on it (“your light eclipsed the moon tonight”)



Absolutely nightmare to do! Especially pressing. We should invest in a dis lino press, and teleportation device to send it between disers.

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What are you using atm to press

This baren.

Biggest issue for me overall I think is the position I sit in to do it, my neck is killing and I made myself dizzy from the way I was sat for so long, wonder if a raised/slanted worksurface would be best.

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I love that ink you’ve used @tilty what is it?

Aww thanks I wish it was something special but its just the ink that came in the starter kit… I’ll take a pic in a bit when I’m out of the bath

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