DiS Does Art: August 2020

Alright, hands up, I didn’t really get past the ideas stage for NEON in July. But I was in good company because we had a bit of a slow month overall, didn’t we. And that’s ok! I’m not the boss of you, and I’m not so big.

So for this month, the prompt I’m going to go with is



Maybe this is an opportunity to finish off anything you were working on last month, or anything else you’ve got lying around half finished. Or maybe it’s set entirely new wheels turning!


Right, here’s what I was working on last month. I couldn’t get anywhere with NEON until I thought about the chemical element Neon (obviously), which has an electronic configuration of 1s2, 2s2, 6p6. I thought a beat or something with 2, 6, 2 could be somewhere to start. Then I had an absolute shiter of a work week and wanted to make something really ugly.

Mission accomplished on that part, at least. Sounds like a headache.


Sunday morning bump.

I’ve finished most of the little projects I’d been working on so wanted to enter this, but the prompt is really difficult this month!


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Listening to this and a bunch of sirens outside synced in nicely :+1:

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Seems like my trick is to publicly post “I can’t POSSIBLY think of anything for this” bc then I immediately come up with something

it ain’t a GOOD idea by any stretch, but hey

this is what I was doing for Neon. I just couldn’t find a way to develop it any more than this little sketch


We all stayed in all weekend and made art, yeah? Yeah?

I haven’t got anything for this month but I did make something which I posted over in share your music:

Means you have to go to the music board, sorry

Yes! Started messing around with the clay that I dug up and now I can’t stop. I need to rub that darker mug in a bit and make it even


Sorry. I got excited. There’s no link to the prompt.

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You can have tea in your mug. AmnesT. I’ll allow it.

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missed this thread but i done a new song

feeling good about this one, getting closer to feeling like it could be a real release rather than a hobby sound.

oh shit there’s an amnesty theme. bugger. ignore.


does it harden by itself or do you need to cook it? been wanting to mess around with clay for ages, might get some now i’ve got a table

Getting a table was a big deal for me. Opens up lots of possibilities.

With this sort of clay, or other things you dig up,you’ve got to put it in a kiln. I’m gonna take this stuff to the beach and make a big fire and see what happens (it’ll probably crack). You can buy stuff that sets by itself though too!!! ‘Air drying clay’.

I don’t think that stuff is safe for eating and drinking out though


yeah tables are so important

might get some air dry clay then and use it to make some really ugly decorations

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Just gonna type some stuff:

I thought I was going to have to buy glaze if I wanted to get into glazing but I found out you can use milk or dairy to glaze pottery by coating the clay after it’s been fired and then cooking in the dairy (think you can use some none dairy milks too). The sugar and fat creates a seal in the clay and makes it water tight!
You glaze it in a normal oven cause it doesn’t need such high temperatures. Sozoo

• Dig up clay - free!!!
• Milk - really cheap by-product of my cereal
• Kiln - Fire on the beach. I Spent £7.20 on bricks the other day which I can reuse. Fuel from what I can find/maybe spend a bit on coal/wood
• Oven glaze - cost of having the oven on for 30 minutes - an hour
• My labour

v time intensive but I’m thinking it’s a good cheap way to do arts and crafts.

Look at how cool milk glazed stuff can look!!! I guess the longer it’s in the oven the darker it gets cause of the sugars in the milk.


Wow. Love the egg holder

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Do what I do and make instrumentals, then you can call them whatever you want and claim they were inspired by the theme.

Edit: not meant to sound like I was slagging your singing!