DiS Does Art: August 2020

Alright, hands up, I didn’t really get past the ideas stage for NEON in July. But I was in good company because we had a bit of a slow month overall, didn’t we. And that’s ok! I’m not the boss of you, and I’m not so big.

So for this month, the prompt I’m going to go with is



Maybe this is an opportunity to finish off anything you were working on last month, or anything else you’ve got lying around half finished. Or maybe it’s set entirely new wheels turning!


Right, here’s what I was working on last month. I couldn’t get anywhere with NEON until I thought about the chemical element Neon (obviously), which has an electronic configuration of 1s2, 2s2, 6p6. I thought a beat or something with 2, 6, 2 could be somewhere to start. Then I had an absolute shiter of a work week and wanted to make something really ugly.

Mission accomplished on that part, at least. Sounds like a headache.


Sunday morning bump.

I’ve finished most of the little projects I’d been working on so wanted to enter this, but the prompt is really difficult this month!


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Listening to this and a bunch of sirens outside synced in nicely :+1:

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Seems like my trick is to publicly post “I can’t POSSIBLY think of anything for this” bc then I immediately come up with something

it ain’t a GOOD idea by any stretch, but hey

this is what I was doing for Neon. I just couldn’t find a way to develop it any more than this little sketch

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