DiS Does Art: May 2020

Oh fuck it’s the first of the month isn’t it. You know what that means!

Last month’s thread:

This month’s prompt:



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Might make an advertising jingle for the eponymous fabric conditioner.

Totally forgot to do April :frowning:

Current art status: came up with a decent idea for April’s thread this morning.


Due to #factors (broken arm, general unrest caused by lockdown, spending music time on another [secret] project) I didn’t do April but I intend to do something for this!

Ooh, nice prompt. What could force you out of your comfort zone more than being told to stay right in it?! Dastardly psychology. Looking forward to putting together something for this.

Totally sacrificed doing this in favour of playing the Switch instead. I am promising myself to do this this month

I mean, both are excellent options tbf


Pretty sure you could meet the theme with a series of Animal Crossing screenshots. That’s art, right?


What fucking cunt decided on this prompt ffs? I can’t get a handle on it.

I’m still working on whatever month/prompt I was doing the stencil and ink pad stuff on. Ay some point I might do enough shitty mountains that I’ll be able to move on to more imaginative stuff.


I really love this. Would like it on my wall.


This is ace :grinning:! Hazy and abstract but with really nice vivid colours.

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I’ll post it to you if I can find a stamp.

I would also need your address.

It also works upside-down if you want it to :+1:

I’ve actually done something for this. I’ve taken ‘comfort’ as a prompt to just use all my favourite sounds and techniques with no surprises. My favourite 2 chords, 2 synth pads, 2 Spitfire Labs instruments, 2 arps and my favourite reverb, delays, filters etc. Everything I fall back on when I have no fresh ideas. Then did it in one take per instrument*.

It’s inevitably quite rough, but with some quite pretty bits I’m pleased with. I’ll upload in a bit before I start fiddling with it. My usual fretting about all the details is not at all comfortable.

*one finished take, a hundred false starts, obvs.


Ah yeah upside down it looks a bit like pyramids in a sandstorm!

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Here’s my thing. There’s a point where it was supposed to end but I forgot what I was doing so it goes into a pseudo middle 8 where almost nothing changes but gives me time to get my bearings and returns just to end soon after. Professional as ever.


this is really lovely, relaxing, sparse and full of melancholy, just want to be sitting in the moonlight staring out over a lake listening to this.

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Cheers Bam! It’s a bit of a mess in places but I think the sad and pretty bits will probably feature in a VFOS track soon.

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