DiS Does Art: November 2019

Right, there was enough interest in this to give it a try so let’s do it.

The idea of this thread is that it will contain an art prompt generated by a website (I used Magatsu this month), and we will all create and share art in whatever format we like that was inspired by the prompt. I, for example, will be participating using either recorded music, or interpretive dance. Next month there will be a new prompt.

It might be fun to talk through our process from prompt to piece, but you do whatever you want, I’m not the boss of you.

If you want any help with how to share your art (like, the logistics of it) then I’m sure someone will be able to help.


This month’s prompt is:

A celebration of the ordinary


As an additional creative idea, let’s think of a better thread name.

Art Attack! With Epimer and Friends


I prefer Art Attack! With Handsome Dr Epimer plus n


I’ll write something for this. Might record myself reading it rather, depending how cringey I find it.

Assume the deadline just by end of the month/before the next prompt


Spirit in the Sky by Doctor and the Artists

RIP - Neil Epimer.

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Yeah. As if I’m going to enforce anything.


I might do weekly chapters in that case as I work better to imminent deadlines and if I have all month for one written piece I’ll just be lazy and not bother.

Thanks for doing this…oddly I was thinking if a very similar idea for a thread just yesterday.

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My initial thought on this prompt is if I can do anything fun with really commonplace sounds or chord progressions or melodies. Might end up with Pachelbel’s Canon in D over a 4/4 808 beat, though.


Hours I slaved over this thread. Hours.

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Or a doom metal Ordinary Boys cover

Ooh I like this idea! Looking forward to seeing what people come up with. Though if I contribute myself it’ll probably just be with variations of weird droning noises with vaguely relevant titles.

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Wait, is this like Write in for Writing’s Sake, but more open?

I want to do this.

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Different band mate

Ah fuck that’s Gwar FUCK


I’d probably have to remind myself what at least one of their songs sounded like. I know we must make sacrifices for Art but there are limits.

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So basically I can draw, write about or compose a song about a hole-punch (for argument’s sake), call it “art”, stick it up here and be judged by you lot?

Yeah, might give it a go…

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