DiS Does Art: October 2020

You know the deal.

We’re going to have a two parter this month. Don’t say I’m not good to you.

Part one: get involved in this, a few people said they’d have been interested if they had more time. WELL I’M CALLING YOUR BLUFF, BUCKOS!

Part two:


What mistakes did you make last time?

(from Oblique Strategies)


Oh no you didn’t!

(I’ll really try this time)

this reminds me i need to PM the dissers who said they’d help with my music video

That’s right. I went there.

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starting to get that thing where i have Too Many Projects going on but have the stupid urge to add several more because YOLO

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I’m definitely going to finish that EP based on my favourite Netrunner card this year. Definitely. 100% going to happen.

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I might, might actually have time to do this this month, which is exciting!


EP (digital): two tracks finished, two to go
split EP (vinyl) with pals: one track finished, one to go

comic book: 15 pages of issue 1 finished, 11 to go

ccg: lol. mechanics play tested. gonna have a fucking £££ cry commissioning the art tho.

coffee table book: locked in with the team doing it, but masses of work to do

and yet i keep wanting to pitch ideas to niche magazines. I HAVE NO TIME OR HAIR LEFT.


Have you tried wearing a wig on these occasions?

it would merely comically fall off when i was mid pitch, without fail

The better kind of wigs have a rubber or mesh bit at the front you glue down and use makeup to hide the edge of. You just need some good wig glue.


see if i wasn’t spending all my money on projects destined to fail i could get one of these

imagine. i would look magnificent

Not if you’re pitching an exposé of shitty wigs


game, set, and wig

Can’t believe I got my half baked idea just over the line in shambolic form only to find out I had a whole month to go. Unbelievable.



What mistakes did you make last time?

If I were to properly answer that this post would be even longer than the track itself.

‘Mistake 1: too ruddy long’ will do for starters.

I didn’t start, for starters.

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