DiS Does Art: September 2020 (feat. very special guest)

First day of the month, so you know what that means: I link you to @anon24576931’s thread to contribute there this month.

Sound artist type people

As set out in the thread, the link is available by DMing @anon24576931, remember to credit your sources, and visual artists needn’t feel left out because there’s photos as well as field recordings to act as prompts.


I done a thing. Go look at it in the other thread. Or don’t, I’m not your real dad

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Forgot about this :upside_down_face:

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Last day!

No idea what to do for next month

FFS, wish I’d seen this sooner.

You’ve got 13 hours. Chop chop.

Lol, I’ve got uni on Friday and just noticed I’ve got about 12 hours of reading to do and I have to prepare a presentation. So sadly the timing is off, but if this had been October I’d have been all over it (Currently about to do a collab with a sound artist actually)


I tried to do a thing with the field recordings, which should be easy for me as ambient noise over natural sounds is so very much my jam, but I’m still in, ‘ooh look I’ve got a drum machine now!’ mode so I just ended up with 20 minutes of aimless ambient dub ish stuff with random noises and people chatting in the background.

…and, where is it?

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You seem to be saying that like it’s a bad thing

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I might do this over October tbh, been meaning to get into them folders for a while now!

Well it doesn’t really add much to the field recordings. I think there’s 5 different ones on there, all labelled as Berlin, so if you imagine @anon24576931 trying to give you a tour of the city while being followed a DJ who only knows how half his gear works it might sound like this.

It’s one improv take where I’m mostly a bit too into making noises with the Microfreak/guitar pedal combo. Pale Spectre go brrr. It has no business being 20 minutes long really - might do another take with more of a plan and try to mix it a bit better at some point.

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