DiS Dressing Prematurely Summery Audit 2021

Welcome to the shaudit.

  • I have transitioned to shorts for the year and am not going back until October
  • I am in shorts but will review my shorts wearing on a day by day basis
  • I am not yet in shorts

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  • No plans to be in shorts

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don’t think I own any shorts other than swimming or running shorts

I am well into shorts season already


Excellent Mondrian socks.


I think it’s back down to 8 degrees here on Monday, so I’ll be reverting to long trousers again for a bit then.

Had 2 days of shorts at work now back in jeans cause it was cold this morning and regretting it so shorts season it is from now on!

This is it for the next six months.


I only wear shorts very occasionally. If it’s warm i generally wear skirts or dresses.

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Same. I did go bare legged in my crop dungas and excellent jumpsuit the other day…back to tights / boots now

Definitely in no coat season now though. And going no tights after Easter holidays.

Apologies, thread title amended to cover all overly optimistic early season summer wear.

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  • John Dwyer option

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i’ve got my big coat on and will keep wearing it until i’m sure it’s safe not to

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Wore shorts on Tuesday and Wednesday. Now back in trousers. Going to a bbq tomorrow evening and will be wearing long johns under my jeans

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I don’t remember the last time I wore shorts. I own some culottes which might count?

I’m keeping my décolletage to myself for now. Also my knees.

My favourite pair of shorts no longer fit me and I am sad about it. They are from the men’s section of a department store in the town I did my semester abroad in Germany. They have such big pockets you could probably pack a whole camping excursion to the Schwarzwald in them.

I need to get my nice shorts repaired

gonna take them to a place in Withington that repairs clothes because I can’t bring myself to learn how to sew rn

but I also would like a few more pairs?

also a new jacket for when it isn’t super hot and also I guess for when I just want a jacket on

  • Started wearing summer clothes on the warm two days we had at the end of February
  • Not this

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strappy dresses aww yis

I wear summer clothes for the 2 warm days we have in july. I don’t think i even own any strappy dresses.