DiS Dressing Prematurely Summery Audit 2021

I wear shorts all year round with tights

Seems foolhardy.

Think I’ve only ever worn shorts outside of the house on the beach, my favourite hot day outfit last year was a t-shirt, dungaree dress and long socks (never feel comfy fully bare legged). Can’t wait for it to be properly hot again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here it is! Plaster was covering where I accidentally gouged a chunk of flesh out with my newly grown long fingernails and its still scarred :sob:


You lot who have transitioned are gonna feel real silly Monday

Such a cute outfit!
I’ve been thinking about trying out the long sock look since I saw a hot woman on Instagram rocking them the other day :thinking:


you’ve reminded me I want to try long songs + shorts for skateboarding

long-but-not-too-long stripey socks recommendations welcome

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Yes! Definitely get them, you too @Acorn it’ll suit you both so much. H&M do good plain sturdy ones that stay up! Haven’t tried ones from other places other than primark which are flimsy and don’t stay up

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Thread aged like a fine wine

At least it was acknowledged in the thread title that dressing for summer was premature at that point

I wore a wooly hat and scarf out at lunch ffs

I totally fucked the summer for everyone by putting up a sun canopy pagoda thing. Soz.

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