DiS Eating Speed Community Project

I make no secret of my admiration of @anon5266188 results-based projects in this community, so I hope to emulate him with this idea.

I am worried that I am eating too quickly. While I eat my evening meal, I have started watching Curb Your Enthusiasm on a dodgy website which splits the episode into two Youtube vids for what I can only presume is for nefarious reasons. However, I rarely make it into the second 12 minute segment. That seems like I’m eating too quickly.

What I am proposing is that members of this community all time themselves eating their evening meal and post the findings here so we can compare. We would all have to have the same meal for the sake of science, so something simple like a supermarket pizza or those stuffed pasta things or beans on toast. We would then have a pool of results and we could conclude if I am eating too quickly. It would also be interesting to compare the results with people like me who eat by themselves, and those with their TVs and families.

Would anybody take part in this?

@anon5266188 How am I doing boss?

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I’m up for eating some speed.


So it’s a race you want, eh? Count me in.


Superb idea, superb execution. Really good stuff.

You’re doing a great job son…a great job!

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No! Explicitly not a race! I don’t want to be responsible for the great bout of inDiSgestion

What, you think you can beat me?! It is ON.


If we get anything even half as good as this from the project it will have been a very worthwhile endeavour:

What were your findings from this?

That @ma0sm is an extremely good and committed community member


You’re currently competing in the qualifying rounds, I’ve got a bye to the final later on.

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  • I would be interested in participating in this trial
  • Not for me, Billy, but best of luck!

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